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Oh my gosh, I am dying at how cute these things are!!! And they’re SO CHEAP! Can you figure out what that is? I’ll give you a hint. It plugs in your iPhone.

Oh. Yes. It does. And this ZuGadgets Magenta / Earphone jack accessory / Bow Dust Plug / Ear Cap / Ear Jack For iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch / 3.5mm-7232-3 (available in 10 colors) is only $.90, with FREE shipping!

If you don’t want a big ol’ bow, you can grab a simple stud. This Diamond Anti Dust 3.5mm Earphone Jack Plug Stopper for iPhone 4 4S Galaxy (Random Color) will keep the dust out, and it’s only $1.66 shipped!

There is also the CUTEST Crystal Hello Kitty Earphone Jack / Dust Plug for Apple Iphone 4, 4s one, for $.40 + $4.49 shipping.

Big Hello Kitty Fan? Then grab this phenomenol Hello Kitty 3D Crystal Case Cover for Iphone 4 & 4s for $2.80 (+$4.49 shipping). It’s so sparkly I might die. I love it.

You can also grab these super cool button stickers for your phone or iPad!!! These INSTEN 6 Pieces Zebra Patterns Home Button Sticker for Apple® iPhone® 4S stickers are only $.85 shipped!  Not even a dollar!

If you do need glitter, you can grab this Purple Diamond Sticker for iStuff for only $1.17 shipped!  There are other colors available, just look at the bottom and you will see them!

You can also get a little more spendy and grab this beautiful charm!!! The Silver Heart & Rose Purple Gems Universal 3.5mm Headphone Plug Charm is almost $7, shipped. There are other colors and designs available, too. It’s totally worth taking a look at.

If this is all a little girly, grab these Bubble Buttons Home Button Sticker Mustache Packfor the guy in your life! They are a little pricier, almost $7 shipped!

You can also grab the matching cover, it comes in a pair so you each can get one. How cute is that? These Two Peices 3d Chaplin’s Mustache Case Cover for Iphone 4 4s Lovers & Couple Hz Black & White Color (Without Retail Package) will cost you just over $10.

Um. This is a crazy steal of a deal. This Blue Birds Nest Case for Apple iPhone 4, 4S (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint) is only $.80, shipped! No, seriously. It is not even a dollar. And they have TONS of different colors! Tons!

If that isn’t your style, how about this Electroplating Hollow Pattern PC Case Hard Back Cover for iPhone 4S/4, Gold one for only $1.94 shipped??

Um. I love this. This Retro Unique Slim UK National Flag Hard Back Case Cover For iPhone 4 4G 4s at&t verizon/BONA retail packing is only $1.75 shipped! The prices and designs are killing me. There are so many styles and colors and everything to choose from I can’t fathom paying more than $5 now for an iPhone cover!

It just doesn’t feel right not to post this one :) This EarlyBirdSavings Retro US Flag Decal Skin Sticker with Button Sticker for iPhone 4 4S 4G is $.74, plus $2.44 shipping. I love this one, too. It makes my heart sing.

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