Why We Aren’t Moving and Why I Don’t Like State Farm

Smashed VanI mentioned before that we were moving.  We were supposed to move today.  Our lease was up on the 31st for the place we are renting.  I have spent hours looking for places to live in our price range, neighborhood, etc.  We finally found the cutest place, talked to the realtor and had a verbal agreement that we would move in this weekend.   Since it’s just across town, we figured we’d take the benches out of the van, and use it to move just about everything.  You would be surprised at what fits inside one of these things.

Well, Thursday morning my brother in law called.  He found a house that was twice the size of where we were going to move for the same price.  Even though it’s way across town, I figured that was worth checking out.  I made an appointment with the realtor and headed over.  Long story short, a HUGE truck smashed into the back of the van.  He thought I had already turned.  We pulled into a parking lot and he gave me his insurance card, who he has through State Farm.  He apologized profusely and said he was calling his insurance company right away. He was so very sorry about the whole situation.  Since I had a to-do list a million miles long, I called State Farm a few hours later.  When I called, they already knew what had happened because that guy had already called.  I told the girl on the phone we needed the back of the van fixed right away so we could move.  She didn’t seem concerned.  In fact, she sounded irritated I was telling her that because it’s “not her job” to listen to what happened, it’s the insurance adjusters.  They would call me later.

Friday afternoon rolled around and I still hadn’t heard back.  I called them again.  I explained AGAIN that we NEEDED the van to move. I asked her what their plan was if I didn’t have a van to move this weekend.  She said, “I don’t know, there isn’t anything we can do.”  I told her it had been over 24 hours since they had been notified.  She said she would call an adjuster.  Hours later I finally got a call from the adjuster.  In short, she basically said that until she has spoken with the guy who ran into me (who she left a message with), and they have looked at the van, there is nothing they will do.  Oh, and since the van is drivable they won’t rent me a vehicle, but I can rent one on my own if I want.  But they won’t reimburse me.  They don’t care that the hatch is broken, since it’s still drivable they don’t care.

It’s Saturday afternoon and I still haven’t heard one peep from the adjuster. 

So now we are down to our tiny little Saturn.  There is no way we can move a couch with a Saturn.  We just tried to pick up some extra moving boxes and had to leave all the nice, big ones behind because they wouldn’t fit through the sliding doors.  Awesome.  Thanks, State Farm.  It’s not like we aren’t in school or anything and would love to rent a vehicle out of our own pocket when we HAD one that worked just fine.

I talked to our current landlord and despite the problems, we can stay here til we figure this stupid mess out.  Oh.  But since we are supposed to sign a lease today on the new place it looks like we will be paying double rent.   I am going to call the landlords and see what we can work out, but I am so upset.  State Farm Insurance doesn’t seem to care that they have screwed us this weekend.  They don’t care that I have to unpack my dishes and my kids toys for another week only to repack them, and unpack them again.

State Farm doesn’t care that they are making our lives miserable.

We are moving next weekend no matter what, we’ll figure out the situation with the housing… let’s just hope they fix the van by then or at least get us a rental.  Jerks!

I think what makes me most irritated is when someone crashed into the back of my husband’s truck a few years ago, their insurance company was so amazing and phenomenal… they had an insurance guy working with the cop at the scene!!!! They had a rental in our hands within hours.  They called us to see if we were OK.  I forget which company that was, but with the size State Farm is, you would THINK they could come up with HALF that customer service, and not make me call them every day!!!

Anyone have any advice?

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  1. It’s because they are so big, that they don’t give a crap! Been there on a larger scale and they don’t care about you…and they don’t have to since they have the largest share in the market….they can be the biggest bully and it doesn’t affect them….at least it won’t until people start wising up and using different insurance companies!

  2. State Farm… those people should be ashamed of themselves… I’m happy to say we’re dropping them for Farms next month and I couldn’t be happier.

  3. Sorry friend!! :( They are dragging their feet for sure!

  4. Heather B says:

    Ugh, I KNOW! once I called to get a quote on renters insurance – I said I would call back if I was interested, I was going to call a few more companies. About 3 weeks later, I got my ‘insurance policy’ in the mail – with a bill. I flipped out and called them immediately. They actually mailed me a check. I will never do business with them if I don’t have to.

  5. State farm sucks.

  6. I had a similar thing happen to me. A guy backed into me in the YMCA parking lot. He had State Farm. They gave me the run around for about 2 weeks because they kept saying they couldn’t do anything until they talked to him. They did finally take care of the damage and gave me a rental while it was being fixed…but 2 weeks (3 when it was all over) is WAY too long to wait and they were not helpful on the phone at all. Hope yours goes faster than mine! Good luck!

  7. If you are going to pay double rent, why not rent a Uhaul to move with? You can’t control other people, but you can make the best of the situation.

    (Although, I think you secretly didn’t want to move).

  8. Katherine says:

    State Farm sucks! When we had an accident with Allstate and they were awesome. You can rent a U-Haul pretty cheap, any friends or family with a truck?

    • We do have family with a small truck-we figured the truck and the van together would be alright but when it went down to one car … it just turned into a mess. But we figured it out!

  9. I had some one rear end me who had state farm – I think the experience must depend on the agent because I had no problems whatsoever – he called me later that same afternoon after talking to the women and since I already had taken my car in to get an estimate at the place covered by my insurance and it happened to be on their prefered lists of places he called the body shop and had everything transfered to her insurance not mine. It was a very positive experience… not that i’d ever change I love my insurance company. So like I said maybe it’s the agent.

  10. Maybe he was reading the sticker you have in the window?

    J/K. Glad you are ok!

  11. Carolinagirl80 says:

    That’s terrible that they did that to you. I’m confused though…wouldn’t it have been cheaper to rent a moving truck than to pay the rent again at the place you are leaving?

    • In a way, yes… but I think things are going to work out. I have spoken with both landlords and they’re understanding. It was the initial “What am I going to do” situation. *sigh*

  12. Is there a local S.F. agent where you live? It might be worth going there to talk to someone face to face to see if they have a way to ‘poke the claims dept. & adjuster in to quicker action. They should at least might have a way to check on the status of the claim easier than you can. An agent’s business is certainly impacted by the way the claims are handled. If you were a S.F. customer, too, that would probably help. The agent should see you as a potential customer. Right now you are very mad potential customer who is not likely to purchase his product (insurance). The agent ought to want to help you become a satisfied actual customer.

  13. I would be so very angry…this won’t help you immediately (probably not) but I would send this letter with additional comments to their main office-it’s surprising how jerky a major company can be but when you send off complaints that aren’t small or a small letter someone sits up & takes notice & to your shock will do something about this. Because your letter of complaint, in detail, ended with saying something like you will tell everyone you know, and you know a lot of people, how State Farm treats consumers. You will probably be very shocked at how compassionate they at least SOUND (PR) and then what they do. My heart goes out to you, I would be very very upset even if there were no moving plans involved, but “why now!” Good luck.

  14. have you tried speaking to either your insurance company or the insurance agent for the man who hit you? maybe they can speed things up. i’ve had wawanesa insurance for many years and they are wonderful. when my son was hit and the car was totalled some years ago, they actually gave me more than i paid for the car.

  15. States regulate insurance companies, file a complaint. The BBB is also a great place to make a official complaint. Then write state farm, include copies of both the BBB and state agency and copies of your blog comments they may stop and take notice once they realize your reach and commitment to making sure as many people as possible hear how badly they are treating this situation. Make a request in your letter for reasonable reimbursement request for your trouble. Include all documentation the delay is actually costing you. Sometimes having it all spelled out for them makes it easy for them to do the right thing. Last thank GOD you and your family were not injured, and enjoy your new home.

  16. Did you try to sing the jingle like they do on tv? “Like a good neighbor State Farm is there?” jk
    I’ve had similar situations with different insurance companies. I agree about documenting all expenses and writing the letters. Also, I found it best to deal with the local agent instead of the 800 number call center. Since he’s local he can stay on the adjuster’s rear end about looking at it and also about getting it fixed ASAP. I’m thankful that you’re ok and I love your bumper sticker :).

    • Thank you.. haha I think I am going to try calling one more time this morning before I file on them and sing that to the adjuster. haha.

  17. Call YOUR insurance company. That is part of what you pay them for. Tell them SF isn’t paying you and that you will file a claim with your insurance company to be reimbursed for moving expanese if you hae to hire a truck. your insurance company will get on SF’s butt and make them pay what they owe so your insurance company doesn’t have to. (you probably called them anyway as soon as you had the accident, but now call back and say you aren’t being reimbursed.

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