Where Have I Been??

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I feel like I need to apologize here! If you read here regularly you might have noticed that I haven’t really posted at all in the last week. I have been gone soaking up the last little bit of summer that I can with my family. My husband spent the summer as an intern and was gone much of the time. He had 2 weeks in between the end of the summer and when school starts again, so we decided to do a couple little things as a family. First we went camping in the mountains in New Mexico with some friends. It was absolutely stunning and a beautiful change from what I normally see in Lubbock. Needless to say, Verizon has horrific coverage and we had no cell phone reception the entire time we went camping.
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Our next trip was immediately following the camping trip. My one Grandmother is 98.5, and the other one is almost 85. They’re both in good health, but I try to get out to Iowa to visit them as much as humanly possible. So my darling husband unpacked our little car from the camping trip and repacked it almost right away for the 13 hour drive to their house.

My intentions were to use the hot spot on my phone to blog while I was in the car.

What happened was it was a really long road trip and the 2 year old used up all of our data watching Curious George to keep from going crazy. We also had limited coverage (again). And, our tire decided to pop once we got out into the middle of nowhere. And we have never used the spare and found out that it too, was toast. So that was quite a few hours of time trying to deal with that little mishap :) Once we got to Iowa we only had a couple days to spend with each Grandma.

With such limited time to spend with some very important people in my life, I have chosen to try to just pretend the internet doesn’t exist (it kinda feels like it doesn’t when dial up is all we have available anyway), and focus on spending quality time with the people I care about.

I am so sorry I haven’t been posting much lately! I know there have been so many sales and good deals. Thankfully, I love blogging and love finding good deals myself, I just have taken a short break to be with some people I love very much. I hope everyone is ending their summer with a big bang! Expect the deals to start picking up again once the kids are all back in school and everyone has a little more breathing time.

Thanks again for hanging in there!

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  1. absolutely no need to apologize. having family is the most important thing and taking care of those relationships is even more important. i did like to hear that your trips tend to go like mine. people laugh at me when i tell them to take a “care kit”. ie… toilet paper, bottled water , duct tape (my youngest actually listened to me on this one and had to use it to hold up part of her car underneath until she found a mechanic). the list is crazy but won’t believe how many times it was useful, lol.

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