What Kind of Coupon is This???

Sometimes when you see a coupon it will say, “Available at..” and it makes you question whether or not you can use the coupon at a different store.  I have had cashiers question some coupons if they had the Wal Mart logo on them.  Tiffany over at OneDealataTime just posted the best tutorial on what coupons go where!

As you can see from the picture, the first coupon doesn’t have any kind of store logo.  Very simple.  That one you could take to any store, anywhere.

The second coupon says, “Available at HEB.”  They are hoping that when you see that, you will go to HEB and use it, but you can use it anywhere as well because it is still a manafacturer coupon.

The last coupon has a Target logo.  It is a store coupon, you will have to use it at the store listed.

Her tutorial is great, I suggest heading over there to read more!  Visit One Deal at a Time for the full post.

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