What is in Target’s $1 Section for Valentines Day?

Valentine Target (3) (Small)Of course every time you go into Target you get sucked into the dollar section.  It’s not possible not too.  In the dollar section they have buckets, bath sponges, little toys, and bath balls.Valentine Target (2) (Small)They also have the CUTEST little ramekins!  Soooo cute for just $1. Valentine Target (1) (Small)I don’t know if you can see, but those are  toaster stamps.  Um… does that mean you can use them to stamp that design on toast?  That is pretty dang awesome.  There are also ice cube trays in heart shapes.Valentine Target (12) (Small)This was actually $3.50, but you could make mini heart cakes with this silicon mold!  Valentine Target (11) (Small)Do you see that their dollar section has a sneak in of $3!?  I was irritated with the $2.50 items, and over Christmas they threw in the $3 thinking we wouldn’t notice, but I did.  And I am not a fan.   Valentine Target (10) (Small)

Candy Land and Operation bandages!  Valentine Target (9) (Small) Valentine Target (8) (Small) Valentine Target (7) (Small) Valentine Target (6) (Small) Valentine Target (5) (Small) Valentine Target (4) (Small)As you can tell, lotsa goodies for the holiday in the dollar section at Target!

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  1. I just started recently in the last month or two following ur sight and I love it. But, don’t u feel funny or uncomfortable in the different stores taking pic. I love the pics, but when I do it there’s always some one around and watching. Kinda feel like a spy or doing something illegal. I duuno, I guess its just my little hang up. lol. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

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