What I Did with My HUGE Target Toy Deal

Remember back in March when Target had those crazy toy sales, and they could be combined with coupons? I went crazy. And my baby wasn’t even 1 yet.
All of this stuff was about $40, I think if I am remembering correctly.  The elephant toy alone is normally $30, and the mega blocks are about $20, so I felt it was a pretty good. deal :)
This one I did even better on-this deal was $87 before coupons.  After coupons it was $5.30.  I was completely freaking out.  Anyway, these toys have been hanging out in our large wooden toy chest for the last few months.  I pulled out Battleship to play with when the nieces came to town.
And today we pulled out CandyLand.  It’s raining outside and the neighbor girls wanted to come and play.   My little guy loves the company of these girls (I’m in trouble already, aren’t I?) and they had a blast.  I liked it because I didn’t have to explain the instructions to them :)

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