What Christmas Stuff is at the Dollar Stores!

I ran into the Dollar Stores this last week and made a quick video of what they still have left.  I went to Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and the Target Dollar Section.  They all have lots of great stuff, but I did rank them in order of what I personally thought had the best/most stuff still.  I will warn you, I say “stocking stuffers” probably 10,000 times.

Actually, I don’t know exactly how many times I say it, but I have a Christmas Card and a $5 gift card for the first person to comment and leave the correct amount of times that I say “Stocking Stuffers.” Ready? Go!!!

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  1. You said stocking stuffer 6 times & stockings 2 times @!

  2. Stocking Stuffers was said

  3. Stocking Stuffers was said 6 times

  4. tiffany helean says:

    i heard stocking stuffers 5 times

  5. Stocking stuffers was said 6 times!

  6. wichita witch says:

    “stocking stuffers” = six times

  7. You said stocking stuffer 6 times!

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