Wal Mart Black Friday Lay Away Deals 2012



This is the hottest news about Black Friday to have ever, ever happened.

Wal Mart is going to price match Black Friday prices on Lay Away items. That’s right. You go get the item today, then you put in on lay away, then pay for it on Friday. No elbowing lines, no getting knocked over, sleep in on Friday morning and mosey in that afternoon to claim your prize. They are even going to price match items from other stores. I know. This is insane. This is so completely insane I can’t even believe I am reading it. There is pretty much no reason to shop at any other store on Black Friday.

Paul over at I Heart the Mart (the most reliable Wal Mart blog), has the exclusive!!! You will want to head over there and read it for yourself!

…. I am going to bring lunch and book to the lay away line on Black Friday. I am sure it will be 2 hours long :)

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