Unique Guest Book Idea

I got married before there was Pinterest.  I know.  How did we ever plan a wedding???  I know! It was so old fashioned, looking in magazines, googling, calling people… talk about crazy times.  Anyway, one of the things that was really popular five years ago was using a photo matt as a guest book.  I love it, but I wanted to have something different than what everyone else was doing.
I’d been printing my photos at Shutterfy for a while (I was lured in by low prices and free prints), and that’s when it clicked. I’d make a photo book of our engagement photos, and people could sign the pages… and it would be fun to look at years later :) And it is.  I love looking at this book and reading all the sweet things people wrote, especially as we get ready to celebrate our 5th anniversary! 
I would recommend using a ball point pen, the pages are slick and if you use an fountain pen the writing will smear.  Also, I had 20 pages of photos, and the first 10 are filled with signatures to the point some of the pages almost have no room, whereas the last 10 pages have only a 4 or 5 to a page.  I don’t know how you’d fix that, not that it really matters.  We also set up a little sign next to the book saying something like,

As we begin our journey, a brand new Mr and Mrs
We sure could use your advice and good wishes!
Please use the spaces next to the photographs
To share pearls of wisdom, or give us some laughs!
When the night ends and our wedding day has passed
Our memories of this day will last
As we look back we’ll see
Many kind words from friends and family!

I printed the sign off and then glued it to card stock.  We took the book to both receptions, and then when we went to visit my Grandmothers who were unable to make it to the receptions.  It means a lot to have their best wishes in our book as well.  You can do this for a baby shower, bridal shower, suprise birthday party, any occasion really.  Photo books only take a few minutes to make… and they’re well worth the investment.

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