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A while back, before the kiddo and my husband deciding to go back to school we both used to work. That meant we had a little more freedom with our money. I had always, always wanted to go to Europe, and I mentioned it to some friends of ours. “We do too!” She said. She said, “Have you heard of Travelzoo?” She showed me their site, which is awesome, and then I signed up for the newsletters. I started watching for a Europe deal.

Then one day it happened. A round trip ticket from Houston to London for $300.

I am not kidding. I completely FREAKED out. I called our friends. She freaked out. Then we started talking about the possiblities… we would pay for hotels in advance, they’d rent the car… we’d share expenses… but we only had 3 days to decide if we were going or not. My husband was very hesitant, but I convinced him that it would be a blast. And it was. We spent 12 days driving around Europe and having some crazy adventures with our friends.

Travel Zoo has some killer deals… sign up for their nwesletter by clicking HERE and find yourself an awesome vacation!

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