Time to STOCK UP on AWESOME bags and more!

Thirty-One Outlet SaleA few years ago, my sister gave me a lunch bag that I use almost everyday. I totally fell in love! So much so that I tell everyone about it ever chance I get. You can possibly pick up one of these bags or many other items December 16th at the Outlet sale!! You will be able to get up to 75% off AWESOME items!

My fiends all use this sale to stock up on teachers items.

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:: A few tips ::

  • Your orders will be placed through Amazon. The sale is so big they are the only ones who can handle it.
  • Just be patient and continue to add things to your cart, even if it appears to be slow. Don’t get crazy and keep refreshing, you just have to let it load.
  • Review the shipping details for turn around time for shipping details.
  • Items are typically as low as $2.99.
  • Once the items are in your cart and you have completed your payment, you are good to go!

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I can’t promise what will be in this sale, as we don’t know until it starts, but you DON’T want to miss it!

Disclosure: I am personally a Thirty – One Independent consultant, I love their products and the company! You can not buy Thirty-One here at Dollar Store Deals, you must visit my Thirty-One Independent consultant page to see the sale and make your order. 

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  1. Krista Reitnour says:

    I am having trouble finding the outlet sale. I clicked on your links, but only get the Thirty One page and can’t find the outlet on that page. Please help!

  2. Is this sale still going on? I can’t find the link.

  3. Lisa Haas says:

    How can I find out the date of the next Outlet Sale????? It’s usually around Christmas…

  4. Could you let me know next time on outlet sale happens?

  5. when is the next sale

  6. Do you know if outlet sale will be before or after Christmas?

  7. any word yet on the outlet sale?

  8. I missed the Black Friday sale – I hope I don’t miss the Christmas sale! Only 16 more days….

  9. Any idea yet on outlet sale?

  10. Dec 26, 2013 It will open to the public at 7pm

  11. Danielle C says:

    Is there a link to get to the sale?!

  12. I am a Canadian consultant with a US post box and I would so love to be able to at least SEE what’s in this sale. I need a consultant code and zip. Can anyone hook me up? Please??

  13. I found a link but it is asking for a consultant ID & zip code?

  14. Sandra bagby says:

    Can you please put me on your email list for specials. Also can I order from you? Thanks and have a great 2014

    • Sandra! You sure can order from me. I hope it’s not too late. I have been out with a new baby and a very sick family. What can I help you with!?

  15. Hi all,
    Don’t forget to remind folks that the things you buy from the Thirty One Outlet Sale – using regular shipping – can take sometimes several weeks to arrive. It too is in the fine print.

  16. Vicki Anderson says:

    I would like to get on your email list. I would like to have updates on merchandise and sales events. Also notice on the Thirty One Outlet Sale. Thank you Vicki

  17. Allyson Kenny says:

    Someone PLEASE email me when the next sale happens!!!!

    • I think it’s going to be near December. I will keep you updated, I will add you to an email list if you would like.

  18. Could you add me as well? I didn’t realize it was a semi annual thing :)

  19. Piper Davis says:

    I would like to be notified of the 31 outlet sale this year please!!!

  20. When is the next Thirty-One Outlet Sale?

  21. Do you know when the next outlet sale is?

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