Thanks, Verizon!

I have never had Internet or email on my phone.  I couldn’t fathom paying for Internet when I already pay for it at my house.  I’ve stayed basic forever, but recently got sucked into the smart phone world by being able to share data (weirdly dropping $10 off our bill) and seeing that if I upgrade my phone to a 2 year contract could the the Iphone 4s for $50.

I caved.

I called up Verizon and got some sweet young guy on the phone. I asked him a thousand questions.  I finally decided, that after 2 years of not renewing my contract with them that I would finally do it to get the iPhone.  I asked him if he got commissions or anything if I resign up.  He said no, but since he is new it would make him look good.  Rather than going online, I let the new guy sign me up for another 2 years and order my phone.  He says that since it’s close to the weekend the 2 day shipping means I won’t see the phone until Monday.  Fine.  I have gone this long without it what is another 2 days…

Sunday night rolls around and finally my tracking number shows something besides, “No information.”  My order is being shipped to Montana.  i realized that I hadn’t changed our address in 4 years-we have always been paperless so it has never ever been a problem.  I quickly call Verizon and make the necessary changes.  He assures me I will see my phone on Wednesday.

Wednesday rolls around and I again, keep checking the tracking number.  Nothing changes until Tuesday.  It’s still in Montana. I called FedEx this time, asking why it’s in Missoula.  The guy on the phone is helpful, gasps when he realizes that my phone is actually now on the truck being delivered because “we didn’t update the address!”  Apologizing for his mistake, he promises to overnight express my phone and I will have it at the very latest, Friday afternoon.

I’ve heard this before.

So yesterday I called at noon to see where my phone was.  We had to look up the package by the address because the old tracking number is gone and they never gave me a new one.  She tells me my package has been shipped back to the seller.  I ask if she was serious, she then spends a few minutes clicking around and then says, “Oops! It’s going to Texas.”  She informs me that it is indeed on the truck, but might not make it to me until Monday.  But keep an eye out in case it comes early.  I call again at 3.  This woman is irritated I don’t have a packing number and informs me that my package is ON the truck and I WILL have it today at 4:30.  At 5 I call again. This time some guy says, “I don’t know why they told you that, it’s still on a pallet at the warehouse and isn’t scheduled for delivery until Monday.”

At this point I was super irritated.  I’d been pretty chill about the whole thing until now.  I asked him if I could just go pick it up.  He calls the warehouse twice to ensure that I can go get it tonight, but only between 6:30 and 8:30pm.

My husband is at school, it’s pouring rain, the kids don’t want to get in the car again, but I wanted to get my phone.  So we eat dinner and head over to FedEx.  Which is no less than 14 miles from my house.  In the middle of nowhere.

I drag all the kids in the office.  The woman gives me a blank stare when I explain I don’t have a current tracking number.   She says, “I can’t help you.”  And not kidding, walks away.  She comes back and I start explaining why I have no tracking number.  She cuts me off and says, “The woman who takes care of problems is on the phone.  Do you have a tracking number?”  I say no again, and she walks away before I can say anything else.   I drag out my phone and find the text from days ago with the old number.  I give it to her… even though every other rep has told me it doesn’t work.  She doesn’t even punch in numbers.  She just says, “oh, ok.” She then walks into the back, gets my package and hands it to me.  I start saying, “YOu know this is ridiculous.  This was supposed to be over night expressed and I was supposed to have it last night.”  She says, and I quote, “I don’t know what you are complaining for, you have your package.”

I just walked out.

Then I drive over to Verizon.  I got there 20 minutes before they closed.  BY then i am so furious I am bout to cry.  I walk in the door, dragging 4 little kids behind me.  The girl sees me walking in and looks HORRIFIED that I would go into her store with kids, 20 minutes before close.  She haughtily asks me what she can do.  I asked for their manager.   She says, “He is gone for the day.  Gone.  Can’t do anything.”  The guy is only slightly nicer and asks what he can do to help.  She feels the need to again say, “I am a rep. I have no codes. I can’t fix anything.”  I start into my stupid story AGAIN.  She could have cared less. She was rude. She was half rolling her eyes.  The guy on the other hand felt bad and tried to help me out.  While she no joke, yanked the package out of my hand and ripped through it to get the phone out (heaven forbid she be at work 5 extra minutes).  The guy motions me to the side, apologizes for her behaviour and says he will personally try to fix this and get his manager to help me out tomorrow.  We’re chatting as he is walking the cash drawer to the back.  He wasn’t walking fast enough for her. She storms by and yanks it out of his hands.

He apologizes and says he has to go in and close out the computers, but he will call me later.

Meanwhile, she is working on activating my phone.  She says very hurriedly, “Do you need your contacts moved over?” I wanted to say, “Oh, no. I have all 400 of their numbers memorized I can enter them manually myself!”  Instead I say , “Yes.” she doesn’t’ even look at me, just extends her hand and motions for me to hand over my old phone.  She disappears in the back.  Meanwhile my little guy has decided to have an explosive diaper.  Awesome.  She comes back out and I ask, “Is there a bathroom I can change him?” She looks at me like I have two heads and says, “They’re counting money.”  ….. Um…. Ooook…. “IS there a bathroom I can change him in?”  She again repeats, “They’re counting money, you can’t go back there.”  I finally realize the bathroom must be in the back.  Wow.  So I change him on the only bench available.

It’s very obvious by now she is super irritated that it’s 8:03 and she is still at work.

She hands over my phone and I gather my brood and leave.

All I can say is I am so glad that I have 15 days to change my mind, because this experience will probably give me an idea of what I can expect for the next 2 years.

What do y’all do for cell service???

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  1. simple life says:

    have personally been without phone service for several years… one can bother me and there is no such thing as rotten(giving it a compliment)customer service anymore. of course anyone is floored when i have to tell them “no phone” i find it simpler to say i can’t afford one and life goes on

  2. I’ve been with t-mobile for about 11 years now, so I have a lot of grandfathered services. Last weekend my phone fell into the toilet (at my 6yo’s b-day party no less, with all the party photos on it) so I have a decision to make. My contract is up and I can get a Nokia (my fave) for $50 if I renew for 2 years, I can wait till near Black Friday for holiday specials since I have an old phone anyway for the interim, or I can switch to something like Cricket. I’m torn myself. I’ll probably wait the 2 months so that I can get a better phone for about the same price as the slightly older version, though.

    • That was my huge debate. Do we go with someone else?? Ah! Let me know what you end up doing… if you go to Cricket and love it or not.

  3. We were not quick to change over the walkie-talkie system we had on our phones for 5 yrs no contract! Finally after hitting a downtown Sprint store a nice young man (30 min before lunch) made us so comfortable & ease as 40 something yr olds to get a smart phone. He gave us a awesome deal,activated our phones ,& answered every silly question . Including my hubby’s “it does all that neat stuff but how do
    I make a phone call?”He waved so many fees & charges ( sprint for about 12 + yrs & we had been over 5 yrs no contract)he got our employee discounts because of who we work for .Overall we are happy . Unlimited EVERYTHING.& we paid$100 ea for iPhones 4s with protectors ,& pay only $100 month for 2 phones . Happy very happy with Sprint!

  4. I am so sorry you had to go through all that. However, this scenario sounds quite familiar. We have Verizon as well, but we’ve had it since my husband got out of the Army and just stuck with them because it has been horribly hard to find a carrier that has unlimited data, text and talk to any other phone with same carrier and a Family share plan for numbers that are non-Verizon.
    Did they tell you that when you upgrade your phone in two years, you will have to pay a $30 upgrade fee in addition to whatever the new phone will cost if you get a Smartphone? Well, we did not find that out until AFTER they implemented that fee (which happened in April 2012).
    As I mentioned before, we have a plan that inlcudes unlimited data, but Verizon does NOT offer that anymore. We are thankfully grandfathered in (not sure how long that is going to last though).
    Here’s our short version of the most recent debacle with Verizon:
    After I ordered a new phone for my husband, which was completely free ;), for Father’s Day, I finally decided that I was going to get me a new phone after having the same phone for almost 4 years. Well, I walk into the store and look around and this nice gentleman comes over and asks me if I needed help. I said yes, I would like to upgrade my phone. He says “ok, well let’s take a look.” He looks up my number, looks at our account and realizes that we have the unlimited. He just says “well, it looks like you have the unlimited data on your account,” I say “Yes?!” He asks me what phone I am looking at, I tell him; he says “Well, if you upgrade your phone you’re going to have to change your plan”
    Now, after almost 5 years of us being with Verizon and numerous phone upgrades, this was the FIRST time we were told we HAD to change our plan. I was baffled, ask him why? He mumbles , “we don’t have the unlimited plan,” but was quick to say that they have this NEW plan that would actually be MUCH better than what we have now. I say “OK,” and he goes on about a SHARED data plan. This is how he explained it: You will have 2GB (or 3GB) of data which will be share among your 3 phones (we have 3 phones on our plan because my sister is on it as well). This will cut your bill by $10! (Which would be awesome because that’s $10 I can put towards bills or something). However(!), if we were to go over these 2GB we’d have to pay $15 PER GB we go over.
    Now, considering that our usage is USUALLY under that 2GB because we set our phones to automatically pick up WiFi it sounds like a good idea. BUT(!), he tried to make the case that our phones will work as a 3G HOT SPOT (which would enable us to connect our phones to our Laptops and Tablets and use the phone’s Data to access the internet on our other devices). That was the final deal breaker for me, because by the time we use this HOT SPOT for about 10 of the month, we’d be over our 2GB limit.

    Sorry, this is so long, but I have learned to ask even the most unusual questions when it comes to Verizon. Because they seem to be experts at dodging the “normal” questions and fooling one into things that are unnecessary.

    Oh, another thing is that if you got the insurance for your iPhone (I believe it covers everything except water damage, depending on what level you choose, you could pay up to $20 extra each month for insurance alone on ONE phone, if I’m not mistaken). Another thing is, if you do have the insurance and something does happen to your phone, you’d have to pay almost $100 to get your old phone replaced/fixed (I think it’s at $89 or $99 now.) We thought we were grandfathered into this as well, but come to find out, we’re not!

    Another thing, you will have to worry about is “drooped calls” because of “signal loss.” Within the last year or two, this has increasingly been a problem, but I tend to just update my roaming capabilities when I notice that my signal is weaker than usual.
    Again, sorry this is so long.

    Over all, Verizon is not bad, as you probably already know, but just within the last year, they’ve come up with so many new things, especially fees. I heard US Cellular was good, but don’t know much about them. Also, heard Sprint was really good and I think they still have the unlimited data plan.

    • Oh my!!! That is SO weird, my husband had been Grandfathered into the unlimited data (we used to have our own business and he needed data), but he only used .75 of a gig in 12 months! So I figured we’d be OK sharing, which cut $10 off our bill.

      Unless we go over.

      That is crazy the guy was trying to tell you that you had to change plans! They have never told me that. Ah what a mess. I am glad you shared what you know about the insurance plan-I just looked at it and realized by the time I pay for insurance I will just go on Ebay or Craigslist and buy a new phone!

      • That is what I did. My mother-in-law still had her phone from before she bought her iPhone. So I took hers and just activated it and stuck with our OLD plan which we were grandfathered into, because we have THREE lines on our plan. So 2GB isn’t really that much. I don’t have the insurance on my phone, so I’ll just be buying my phones on Craigslist or Ebay, like you said. I heard Overstock is also a great place to get phones.

  5. Wow this is pathetic….I use Straight Talk

  6. We have the A T & T prepaid.We don’t use our phones much except to call each other so two 20$ phone cards usually do us all month.I take my laptop with me and can usually find a spot where I can pick up free wifi.Everybody in our extended family has AT&T so I do the1$ a day plan,if I don’t use it,it doesn’t cost me for that day.We’ve done this for 12 yr.s but we are thinking about switching to the prepaid unlimited plan so we can have internet which would cost us 100$ a month.

  7. We had Verizon when they finally came to our area. Yes, they have good coverage but their service reeks. Add in all those hidden fees…so not worth the trouble. We had added data to see if we liked it which we didn’t. They could not give us an answer why that fee kept showing up when we had called twice to take it off. So we got them for breach of contract. I then just got a Straight Talk phone which is a no-contract phone. You do have to buy the cards at Wal-Mart or online. This is a good service if you just want talk/text. They had just gotten Android phones right before we went to Sprint. So I don’t know how the internet feature is on their SmartPhones. On the old phones it is rather slow…reminded me of the old dial-up days.

    Sprint let us do a “trial-free” period for two months before we committed to see if we liked it. So far we do! Some areas we do not have coverage and roam but we are not charged for it. We have the flat unlimited data/text plan. We do have to share talk minutes but I think it’s free when you call someone on another cell number. At first we just had myself and my husband on the plan. Then we added our two children…both teenagers. So thank goodness for unlimited data!

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