Texas Cowboy Stuff and Button Boots at Zulily

When my honey and I were first married we did a cross country road trip… I did 5,000 miles in 4 weeks. It was intense. We stopped at that gas station in Wyoming (where the free ice cream is) and they had the Cowboy Kitchen flour/sugar/whatever canisters! The whole set, $30. I wanted them SO bad, but Jeff said we had no room ANYWHERE for them (ok, it was kinda true… the truck was FULL of stuff as we were moving). That was 5 years ago. I have never let him forget those canisters, he told me we’d be able to find them ANYWHERE, um. No. Haven’t seen them since. BUT guess what is on Zulily today!??! Just about everything BUT the canisters! I almost died.

This isn’t even half the cute stuff. There is a TON of WEstern, rustic, adorable cowboy stuff. You have to check it out.

And if this stuff isn’t enough, check out the Bucco boot sale. Oh my gooooosh they’re so cute!¬† And the prices on boots like that are¬†GREAT!

They have Jessica Simpson stuff right now, too! Have you shopped Zulily before?? It’s a daily deal site where they have stuff for about 80% off normal retail price. I love it. I’ve found some great stuff there… lots of adorable baby clothes and shoes for myself. Check Zulily out by clicking here!

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