Target’s Dollar Section July

I stopped into Target to see what they had in their Dollar Section.  I swear you can’t go in that store and not buy anything.  They had THE CUTEST STUFF.  It looked like they were starting to get in a few back to school items.  They had some colorful over the door hangers.
Some very colorful organizing tubs… some little containers that are great for dry snacks in a diaper bag!
Here is what I thought was absolutely adorable.  The top shelf has these little ceramic brown and black owls.  Owls are just so dang cute.  The top was open, so you could use it as a pencil holder or something.  Next to the owls they had little puppy vases, I think they look really vintage.  Below that are black wire owl hooks.  Can you imagine those in your kids bedroom for their bath towels?!  Next to that are some salt and pepper shakers in the shape of puppies and chess pieces.
These were super neat too-giant candle stick holders that are chess pieces!  They look really elegant. And because I love headbands on little girls… they had a good selection.  Black, purple and pink.

Here are some more of the storage containers.  Those white tinted ones would be great for small lunches since they’re slightly bigger, and the colorful ones are what I would throw gold fish and crackers in for the diaper bag.

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  1. Which target were the tubs @??? I need some!!

    • The tubs are at Target in Lubbock, Texas, but this stuff goes to a TON Targets so hopefully you can find them.

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