Target Dollar Section- Stocking Stuffer Time!

Target’s Dollar section has a ton of stuff right now for Christmas! They are REALLY focusing on the stocking stuffers, and their prices are $1-$3 instead of $1 and $2.50 like normal. I’ve tried to list just about everything I saw, but your store might vary in their products!  Oh!  And if your store has anything left in the Halloween department, it’s 90% off now!  My store still had quite a few pet costumes and decorative pillows.

What is in the Target Dollar Section November 2012???

Turkey Hats 50% Off
All Fall Stuff 50% off
Scotch Tape $1
Super Glue $1
Hot Hands $1
Christmas Ornaments $1 (actually found in the Seasonal section, but there is an entire stand for $1 ornaments)
Reindeer and Tree Headbands $1
Christmas Stationary $1
Christmas Pencils 8 pack $1
Snowman/Christmas Window Clings $1
Stemless Wine Glass, candle hodlers, other glassware $1
Beatrice POtter Books $1
Tons of Snack Items $1
Russell Stover chocolates $1
Santa Mug and “Santa’s Cookies” Plate $1
Board Game Band Aids $1
Phone charger holders $3
Calendars $3
Wood Xylophone $3
“A Christmas Story” Cookie Cutters $1
Pet Toys, outfits and Blankets $2.50-$3
Slinky $3
Wooden Race Cars $3
Plastic Airplanes You Screw Together $3
Tip Jar, Bacon Beer Fund Jar $3
Wine Glass Mustache Markers $3
“Create Your Own Storybooks” $3

Personally, I bought a turkey hat (totally worth $1.25!!!), some Thanksgiving placemats, some Thanksgiving cupcake liners and I was thinking of some Halloween throw pillows.  I did buy the snowman window clings… I am excited to see if he can reach the window from his carseat.  If not, I have another idea of what to do with those.   I did love the wine glass mustaches to mark your drinks, and I think I want to get that airplane toy.  It’s so easy to get carried away in the dollar section, isn’t it!

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  1. Lol…I love the photos when my grandson is with me we do the same . Wish we had a target in our area i read so much about great deals :)

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