Target Dollar Section: St Patty’s Day

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I ran into Target last night with the intention of only buying some needed hangers. We won’t talk about the stuff I left with. BUt, I will say that Target is NOT pulling a fast one on me. Before Christmas their prices were $1 and $2.50. Now, I didn’t always buy the $2.50 items, but sometimes I thought they were worth it. When CHristmas rolled around they had $1, $2.50 and $3 items. Now they seem to have skipped the $2.50 and gone straight to $3! There were SO many cute items that I was in love with-but then I would see they were $3 and I was slightly irritated. Anyway, you can find a lot of GOOD Easter stuff in the Target dollar section!
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Lots of little toys, mostly summer themed.. butterfly nets, buckets, etc.
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Fake money. This is always fun for kids who like to play kitchen and store.
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Cuuuute ribbon  Always handy to have some of this on hand.  YOu can do so much with it. IMG_4362 (Medium) IMG_4363 (Medium)

I can’t tell a lie-I might be buying these darling, darling little salt and pepper shakers. How cute are they?  $3 though? Ugh.  IMG_4364 (Medium)Egg holders, baskets, Easter cards, note pads…  IMG_4365 (Medium)Absolutely the most adorable wire baskets ever.  This just might have to be my sons Easter basket this year. IMG_4366 (Medium)These are eggs decorated with paper flowers.  They’re very pretty, but seriously Target?  $3? IMG_4367 (Medium)This is hard to tell what they are-but they’re little nests. Very cute ones I might add. IMG_4368 (Medium)The St Patty’s day stuff is slowly disappearing, if you need something, go grab it now.   Easter is taking over.  They have towels, leprechaun hats, cups, and some other random decor.

IMG_4369 (Medium)Cute bunny ears and flower head bands… they had some Easter themed ties and socks. IMG_4370 (Medium)Ok-I might splurge for these sequin bunny rabbits.  I know last year I bought some good stuff for 90% off at Hobby Lobby but I don’t actually recall WHAT I bought. I have to find the box before I spend anything on these guys though. Its seems like I bought a rabbit similar to this though. IMG_4371 (Medium)And of course, more junk stuff to put in an Easter basket.  My parents didn’t really do Easter baskets for us growing up.  We just went on an egg hunt and had some candy.

What do y’all do for Easter? 

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  1. $3 is expensive. I like to go to the dollar tree :).

  2. I NEED a pink sequin bunny. All targets in my area are sold out. Tried 4 of them. Any way I can get one ?

  3. Customer service told me they usually don’t restock the dollar section :(.

  4. I really want one of those pink bunnies×225.jpg
    but I’m in the uk T_T if you have one or have access to them still for sale, could I send you the cash via paypal for you to get one for mee?? please T_T??

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