Target Dollar June

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Summer is in full swing at Target dollar, they are full of cute picnic items!  I am still irritated they went from $1, to $2.50, and now they’re at $3. I don’t think the quality has improved enough to be $3 though!  Anyway, in the dollar section they had red checker paper hot dog holders, BBQ sticks for roasting over the fire, plastic cups and lots more.
target dollar june12 (17) (Large)They also had a section just for July 4th items-patriotic napkins, hats, headbands, bowls and a few other  items.  I hope they add to it! target dollar june12 (13) (Large)These are pet water bottles-they have a fold out little bowl so you can transport water for your pet.  I have one from PetsMart but bought one of these guys to see how they held up.  Totally worth a $1.   target dollar june12 (11) (Large)Some fun summer toys for the kids… a few things you could take to the pool or beach and not get mad when they lose them!  target dollar june12 (9) (Large)They also had these little pails that would be adorable for just about anything.  Seriously.   target dollar june12 (7) (Large) target dollar june12 (5) (Large)These last couple items seem to be a staple-random storage containers, stickers, stationary.  Little things they hope you buy 1 or 2 of for your kids every time you go in :)  target dollar june12 (3) (Large)I did notice this time that they had a GREAT selection of Crayola products.  Stickers, coloring books and more.  I like seeing the name brand stuff!  target dollar june12 (15)These were my favorites.  They’re little ceramic bowls that are made for a summer party dinner!  They have labels like “Relish” “Limes” “Mustard” and other condiments inside.  I wanted to get one of each. target dollar june12 (20)To complete your picnic they have those glass things you put drinks in.  I worked in restaurants for years and am spacing what they’re called! It must be too early or time for a nap?? ;)  The yellow things are plastic bowls for your corn!  How cute are those?

Did you catch anything similar in your Target Dollar?

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