Target Clearance GO GO GO

target clearanceTarget should be clearancing summer and toys today for up to 90% off!!! I am not sure if your store has started it but it would be worth checking out!

I found this in my Target’s summer clearance this last Monday! I am so glad I grabbed it-for just $3 it was PERFECT for a morning at the lake yesterday.   We went over to Buffalo Lake and enjoyed playing in the sand.  I brought Chunky the dog with us, who ran and ran and ran til he was so tired he finally dug a hole in the sand and plopped down for a nap.    If you look close, you’ll notice he threw the sand all over my new blanket (you might also notice a soggy PB&J… the 2 year old took 2 bites before dropping it in the lake).  My little boy also wore his swim diapers I got for $2.50 a pack on clearance last summer at Dollar General.  Glad I stocked up cause those suckers are so expensive!!!

Blanket $4.50 on clearance at Target
Beach Umbrella $3 on clearance at Target
Lunch Box from last year’s ThirtyOne clearance sale

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