Target $1 Bowls

Yesterday we celebrated the fourth of July with tons of food and great company. I just wanted to show you really quick what we did with the cute little bowls from Target’s Dollar Section.  Well, at least one of the bowls.  I forgot to get pictures of the other two :)

My sister in law brought up a ton of fruit and skewers and made little kabobs. We thought about putting blueberries on the end, but that bowl was perfect. She also had those cute little buckets I told you about, those got filled with candies and set out for the kids to munch on. I forgot to get a picture, but they looked adorable with twizzlers and gummy fruit slices in them. The buckets would also have been perfect to hold sparklers or other small fireworks.

The other bowls were just on the table with cookies and popcorn in them.   Everything sure looked cute and festive-and total decorative dishes and buckets cost less than $5!

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