Super Easy Squished Witch Cupcakes! (and coupon!)

These squished witch cupcakes were so easy to make and would be PERFECT for a Halloween party!!!  I am sure everyone has seen some variation on Pinterest, but I want to show you how to make them ridiculously easy. Wizard of Oz Squished Witch CupcakeThe ones I had seen on Pinterest had homemade fondant legs, shoes crafted out of doll molds, etc.  Yes, they were insanely cute.  But when I made these guys I didn’t have that much time or energy.  Someday when I am on Cupcake Wars though I will… :)
Wizard of Oz Squished Witch Cupcake
I used a box cake mix to make some chocolate cupcakes, as well as some store bought frosting. Once the cupcakes had cooled I frosted them with a medium layer of frosting.  Nothing fancy.  You’re going to squish them, anyway!  I did make sure to get RIGHT on the edge of the cupcakes so the frosting would be visible once they were upside down.
Wizard of Oz Squished Witch Cupcake
I grabbed a bag of Starbursts and a package of Sour Punch Straws.  I cut the straws into thirds, so 2 straws made 6 legs, or 3 cupcakes.  I took the Starbursts, cut them in half and shaped the ends of the toes so they were curled and pointy, what I pictured a witch shoe would look like.

Since each cupcake has to be served upside down, you will need either mini paper plates or some way to move them/serve them. I was in such a hurry and only had giant Dixie plates.  They would not have been cute at ALL.   I took a piece of cardboard (actually, it was a large envelope someone had mailed me something in!), cut it into individual squares, covered them in tin foil (no tape required, I told you I was in a HURRY) and voila! Individual plates for the cupcakes.   Since Dollar Tree carries tons of cute Halloween and party supplies, I would go there and grab some small plates.   But do what you got to do.

The last step is the most fun.  Get a set of legs and shoes and press them down on the plate so the Starbursts are nice and sturdy.  Take a frosted cupcake and SQUISH it on top the legs.   And that’s it!  How cute is that? You got yourself some squished witch cupcakes.  Now, my cupcakes were kind of plain, but you could really dress them up if you had more time than I did!  You could swirl chocolate and vanilla cake batter together and get a striped cupcake.  You could dye the frosting green.  You could frost the bottom of the cupcake, which is now the top, or drizzle it with hard shell chocolate.  You could use Halloween cupcake liners and just leave it like that.  There are a TON of ways to dress these babies up, get creative :)  You could even use cookies and have a cookie with legs, or make it look like the cookie flattened the which.  You could use Jif Hazelnut spread as frosting…. tons of options, and coupons!
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  1. These are SO cute! You did a fantastic job. I actually like your foil covered cardboard better than any type of paper plates.

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