Subway Tuscan Chicken Sandwich Review

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I know this has nothing to do with a Dollar Store, but sometimes I have a weak moment when it comes to food and I give in :) Plus, there is a give away for you-a $25 gift card to Subway for one lucky winner!  Subway is promoting their Tuscan Chicken sandwich this month, and they want you to try it!   It’s only available for a limited time, so you will want to run in when you have a chance!

We went and tried the sandwich out last night and honestly, it was delicious. I love Subway anyway, so it was an easy sell for me, but even the little guy liked it.  I split a foot long with him (it’s only $6), and loaded his up with vegetables I knew he would pick off and eat since hasn’t figured out how  to eat a whole sandwich yet.  He loved the chicken more than anything.  Well, OK he loved the soda and the cookies more, but the chicken did make it to third place.

My husband has been doing a low carb diet, so instead of just getting a sandwich and not eating the bread (which is what the poor guy has to do EVERYWHERE), Subway had an option to make it a salad instead. He was pleasantly surprised and as you can see, enjoyed every bite.  So!
Featuring seasoned chicken strips, melted cheese and a tangy balsamic vinaigrette dressing, the Tuscan Chicken Melt – at 380 calories and 8 grams of fat per sandwich* — is proof that , good-for-you can also taste delicious. Tasting is believing, so we would love to provide you two $25 SUBWAY cards, one to keep and one to giveaway, to try and review our delicious, FRESH FIT Tuscan Chicken Melt!

If you are interested in more good-for-you options, be sure to look out for the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check logo on SUBWAY menus! SUBWAY restaurants have always aimed to provide you with better options and tasty alternatives to greasy fast food. Heart-Check certified SUBWAY sandwiches meet the AHA’s stringent nutrition criteria, which includes measurements for sodium, calories, cholesterol, saturated fat and trans-fat levels. For more information feel free to visit their website.

OK!  Now, who wants to win a $25 gift to Subway to try out this delicious sandwich???

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite Subway sandwich is!
(and make sure to leave a good email to contact you at should you win!)


Void where prohibited, must 18 or older, one entry per person, yadda yadda, etc., etc.


Subway provided dinner for me and my family, and the gift card to give away!  All opinions are mine though, if I didn’t like the sandwich I would have told you!

Give Away Ends Tomorrow Night at Midnight (10/11/12) and winner will be announced the following day!


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  1. I like the chicken, bacon, ranch with lettuce,tomato, pickles and cheese on toasted Parmesan oregano bread

  2. Nicole Duval says:

    my favorite sandwich is the veggie sub toasted with American cheese, but I too have been going low carb so now my FAV is the tuna using the salad option;) thanks for the giveaway! I heart subway and your blog;)

  3. i love the cold cut trio. bologna is still my all time fav “lunch meat”

  4. My favorite Subway Sub is a Tuna Sub. I get it with Cheese & Extra Mayo & a little bit of lettuce. For some reason their tuna is the only one that I find good enough!

  5. the veggie max is my fave! People may know it as a veggie patty.

  6. Donna Martin says:

    I can’t wait to try this. It’s football season, and we usually eat at Subway a couple times a season because it’s right next to the practice field, but this year, I am out of work, so we’ve been crock potting it. Would so love to win a gift card. :)

  7. Chicken bacon ranch is delish on 9 grain!

  8. Beatriz Brown says:

    I love, lovethe pepperoni one! I add a ton if veggies and extra mayonnaise! Yummy!!!

  9. Jennifer Timmons says:

    I love subway. It’s one of my favorites. We live on a military installation and there are two subways to its even more convent that we don’t have to drive into town to eat.

  10. sherry constance says:

    I love the sub club toasted on wheat with double meat and extra swiss with cucumber, picles, and salt and pepper. Mmmmmm

  11. I love the cold “hot” cut with all meat but more of turkey because I will request more of that. They toast my bread and cheese so I call it hot because thats what one of the cashier called it once. Anyhow, with swiss cheese, tons of greens, tomatoes, pickles, jalapeno, honey mustard, and the meat on a wheat bread. =) Oh boy, ready for some of this for lunch tomorrow during work!

  12. Betty Bennett says:

    My favorite is the Spicy Italian sandwich with toasted bread, just had it today for lunch. I can’t wait to try the new one.

  13. I like their meatball sub with extra cheese and lettuce.

  14. I love the meatball marinara!

  15. wichita witch says:

    black bean veggie max patty in a spinach wrap or asiago bread….my broom is on stand-by and ready to fly !

  16. I like the oven roasted chicken breast, and i started a carb diet as well but didnt know subway would make it a salad. thanks for the heads up!

  17. I like their meatball sub with tomatoes and bell peppers on an italian bread. Yum!

  18. Love the Meatball Marinara!

  19. The Black Forest ham sub is wonderful.

  20. Ang Musick says:

    My fav is the Subway Club with all the veggies. I even have to get extra’s, as my son loves to sneak them from Mommy’s sandwich!

  21. Kathryn K says:

    I like turkey on wheat with white cheese, spinach or guacamole, onions, olives, tomatoes.

  22. i love the buffalo chicken sub. i usually get that, white american cheese (and add extra because i am a major cheese lover), and have them toast it. then i add lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ranch dressing, and southwest chipotle sauce. yummy! even my two year old daughter loves to share mommy’s sub!

  23. I love the steak and cheese and the club but they’re all great. Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. Sandie Terrien says:

    Looooove me some Subway!

  25. Michele B says:

    I love the seafood salad on toasted wheat w/ veggies on it.however I have never had a bad salad or sandwich there. and i love the points card to get free meals too!!

  26. My favorite is the steak & cheese with avocado – not the most heart healthy but I love pretty much all their sandwiches. We get the salad often too & they’re always fresh. Sometimes we split a six inch & a salad.

  27. I love the Spicy Italian on flat bread – toasted with veggies. I also follow a low-carb diet b/c of recent weight loss surgery so I usually eat a couple bites of the bread and then start tearing it off as I eat the rest of the sandwich – that way, it stays together while I eat the good part inside.

  28. My fav Subway sandwich is the Subway Club on wheat!

  29. My sub by far is the pizza sub!!! Mmmmmm…. I get a pizza sub with black olives, parm, salt/pepper, vinegar and oil. Now I’m hungry!

  30. I have to say I love steak and cheese.

  31. I can’t resist the club.

  32. I always go vegetarian and love that you have that option at the sub stores – I can eat with my friends.

  33. I love the turkey cold cut, we don’t eat there often so this gift card would be nice.

  34. Turkey breast on italian herbs and cheese. Add some lettuce and cucumber with some ranch and mustard!

  35. I love the black forest ham on Italian bread!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  36. My kids love Subway but only order ham and cheese, with lettuce, mayo, oil and vinegar. But me son loves balsamic vinaigrette so I’m hoping he’ll be tempted to give this new one a try.

  37. My favorite is still the subway club! Although, turkey bacon with avocado is dee-lish too!

  38. The Spicy Italian toasted and then loaded down with as many veggies that will fit! Now I’m hungry for one! :)

  39. My favorite is the black forest ham, egg white, and cheese on flat bread. Pepper jack cheese, toasted, with green peppers and spinach, topped with chipotle sauce. Mmmm…….tastes great any time of the day. :) Would SO LOVE to win a gift card!!! :) :)

  40. My absolute fav is ham and turkey on cheesy bread! Lots of veggies and spicy mustard. You are making me hungry. YUM-O :)

  41. One of the hardest decisions I have to make for lunch is which sandwich I want at Subway! The Italian BMT is great, but so isn’t the Subway Club! The honey oat bread tastes good & is good for you, and having the extra veggies like spinach, avocado, and cucumbers give you a great lunch that isn’t a salad!! Sounds like that’s what I’ll be having for lunch today too!

  42. I LOVE the Italian BMT sub on flatbread. I know its not the healthiest option, but you cant go wrong with the taste! Ranch dressing, lettuce, cucumbers, and pepper jack cheese. Mmmm, I know what is for lunch today! Would absolutely love to win the gift card, thank you for the chance!

  43. spicy italian is my favorite!

  44. I love turkey breast sandwiches on wheat
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  45. I like the Spicy Italian! I actually like just about every sandwich they make…you can’t go wrong. :)

  46. Well for me and my 9yr old its the Tuna. I try the same as you and load it up with all the good stuff, but he picks every last piece off so its just tuna n cheese for him on his half :)
    Thanks for the review I’ll have to try the Tuscan now, sounds Yummy!
    Victoria ~n~ Gabe

  47. Veggie sub, no meat, on wheat. YUM!

  48. I love ham and cheese with mayo on toasted bread. Simply I know but it’s so good!

  49. I LOVE the tuna sandwich, with swiss cheese and then baked. Would you believe there are Subways in Beijing?! but I don’t know if they would take a gift card but maybe… :-)

  50. My favorite is the classic BMT. There is nothing like it!!!! Love mine with spinach!!!

  51. Brandy Teschner says:

    I love vegetarian loaded with tons of honey mustard :-)

  52. I love the pizza sub, hot and yummy!

  53. My favorite is a classic BLT but I do sometimes try a new sub if it really looks good.

  54. i love the BLT!

  55. I love the cheese sub with some black olives & tomatoes

  56. I love their meatball marinara sub!

  57. Meatball is my fave!!

  58. livivua c says:

    i love the melt or the cold cut trio – (yes.4eva.r at gmail dot com

  59. My fav Subway sandwich is the sweet onion chicken teriyaki on flatbread. I can’t wait to try this new one! Thanks for the contest!

  60. I like the Black Forest Ham with lots of veggies.

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