Store Brand vs National Brand

Almost every store has what they call their “Store Brand.” Wal Mart has Great Value, Target has “Market Pantry,” Dollar General has “Clover Valley,” and for us out here in West Texas, United has “Food Club.” The store brands always cost less than the National Brand, but some people worry about the taste and if that off-brand baking soda will ruin their cookies. Personally, I like store brands. I almost always buy those, with the exception of a few things. Nilla Wafers, Honey Maid Grahams, Oreos and Ritz crackers. Just not the same. But as far as everything else goes, so far I’ve been happy about it! And, if you don’t coupon, you can get some great savings especially by buying store brands at the Dollar Stores. This is what the Consumer Report had to say about store brands:

“If you shop at dollar stores, store-brand products are a great way to go, saving you 29 percent on average over national brands. That’s even better than the savings for store brands we found at other retailers: 25 percent at Walmart and supermarkets, and just 15 percent at Target.

Dollar General and Family Dollar now carry lots of private-label products, and according to our price scan, they’re the biggest bargains by far. Over the years, our taste testers have rated many store-brand foods and drinks at good as or even better than name brands. So they’re worth a try. If you like them, you’ll save big.”

Tiffany over at One Deal at a Time put her panel of 7 judges to the taste-test! She had them try a store brand and compare it to the National Brand. They were good little judges, it’s a pretty cute video:

So what were the results? I am tempted to make y’all wait all day like we had to last week ;) but by now I am sure most of y’all have seen them. Here they are!

Honey Nut Cheerios: Store brand WON  ($3.99 v $1.77)
Lucky Charms: Store brand WON ($2.94 v $1.77)
Oreos: National Brand WON ($2.98 v $2.19)

Price difference for all three products, no coupons? $9.91 v $5.73

That’s a huge price difference. Of course, they didn’t use coupons ;) One last thing about store brands is so far I think all of them have a “satisfaction guaranteed” policy, so if you really don’t like it they’ll take it back and get you the other brand!

Is there anything you won’t buy/will buy store brand?

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