Spot Shot Coupon for Target

$1.00 off 14-oz. Spot Shot carpet stain remover
I wanted to show you this coupon.  Sometimes we get coupons that say “Available at Wal Mart” but they’re still manufacturer coupons.  This one says, “Redeem Only at Target.”  You won’t be able to take this to Dollar General and use it.  This can get very confusing!  Just always pay attention to when it prints if it has that black bar at the top that they all have-if it says “Manufacturer Coupon” then that is just what it is-and you can use it anywhere!  If it doesn’t have that, then it is store specific.

Coupons like this drive me nuts.  Am I the only one?  I like to be able to use them anywhere I want.



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  1. I’ve seen and used manufacturer coupons which say “Available at Wal-Mart” or something similar and I’ve used that an stores other than where they say “Available at….” Sometimes cashiers get confused, but usually accept the explanation about them being manufacturers coupons.

    • Anonymous,YES! As long as the Target coupons don’t have any “1 per cumtesor” type wording on them. That would definitely make for an even better deal. I already used mine or I would check for you!Thanks :)

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