Reindeer Food

I will be posting a few very inexpensive Christmas crafts you can go ahead and start making ahead of time. I made these jars of reindeer food about 2 weeks before Christmas, and it was so nice to just pull them out and have them done. You can have the kids help you, or make them while they’re asleep.

Growing up we always looked at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. We always went to one particular house in the neighborhood because Santa would always be sitting outside on a big plush chair with his big yellow Jeep all decorated. Every year for years and years we went and sat on his lap, it was the highlight of our night as we spilled our last minute Christmas wishes to him. He was so kind and sweet and as we scampered off would give us a bag of reindeer food and a candy cane. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized this was not a paid neighborhood Santa. It was a man who believed in the Christmas Spirit and was willing to sit out on his lawn on Christmas Eve for hours and hand out candy to kids he didn’t even know. One year he wasn’t there. We were a little bummed, but I was a teenager so we let it slide. The next year someone different was out on the lawn. Come to find out, the original Santa had passed away and his family decided to keep the tradition going. As an adult I’ve truly grown to appreciate the love that man had for the season as he sat out every Christmas Eve, year after year, handing out candy canes to starry eyed kids. I looked online for a poem like the one he sent out – but never found one close so I wrote my own. It’s not as good as the original but it worked for the ingredients I had in my reindeer food.

To make my version of Reindeer Food I spray painted the lids on a few of the millions of empty baby food jars that plague our house, threw on some ribbon, and added ingredients I already had on hand that wouldn’t litter the enviroment. I’m nice like that.  You could also use sandwich bags, but I liked the jars.

To make the reindeer food I used: 

  • Oatmeal
  • Chocolate sprinkles,
  •  Red and green sugar sprinkles,
  • Gold sprinkles
  • Peppermint sprinkles

Magic Reindeer Food

As Santa brings a gift to you
Remember his reindeer, so strong and true.
Leave a surprise for them on your lawn
So they can soar from dusk til dawn.
Bits of chocolate give them smarts,
Red crystal sprinkles warm their hearts.
Glitter of gold gives a sparkle to their eye,
Green sugar sparkles give strength as they fly.
White sprinkles make the sleigh feel light
And oatmeal keeps their tummies full all night.

When we used these with all the Grandkids last Christmas it was magical. My Dad rented a cabin of sorts so we could all stay in the same place for Christmas. All 14 grandkids were there.. we went out on the front lawn and threw the reindeer food all over the place. Then we went up to the loft and Grandpa read us stories. That’s when someone looked out the big from window and saw a couple of real deer, wandering down the driveway and eating the reindeer food. It was pretty magical.  And of course, here is a coupon for baby food :)
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  1. I love that you don’t use glitter in yours. If I do make these this year for the school kids, I will be following your “recipe.” I really liked the whole post. That’s the stuff that Christmas is really about. Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to be your little sister. :)

  3. Where do we find the recipe? I can’t see it!
    Thank you & Merry Christmas!

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