Podee Bottle: Hands Free Feeding

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I don’t know if many of you have heard about these Podee bottles, but they’re AWESOME.  I had heard about these bottles from a friend and was totally bummed I hadn’t heard about them before! They are BRILLIANT.  If you have ever had to prop a bottle up to feed a baby, raise your hand.  Oh, that’s pretty much all of us ;)  We all know it’s not the safest thing to do, but you only have so many hands and that baby needs to eat.  That is where the Podee Baby Feeding System comes into play.  Basically, it’s a pacificier with a straw.  The straw goes to a bottle that can be placed safely near the baby.  No propping….  a safe and simple way to feed a hungry baby.  Or feed multiple babies at once.  Or a single baby in the car. Or feed a baby while you are making dinner.  It doesn’t replace holding your baby all the time, but it can totally help you out in a pinch!  When my friends had triplets I got on Amazon and sent them these bottles.   Prices can change at any time on Amazon, and I am happy to say they went down just a little bit from when I bought these a few months ago!

This is a converter kit that will turn an 8 oz bottle into a Podee bottle. The Podee Converter A Bottle Kitis only $4.98 with free shipping from Prime.

This is the regular Podee Baby Feeding System option, one bottle is $9.95 with free shipping from Prime.

This is the Podee Double Pack Feeding System. You can get 2 bottles for only $15.95, shipped free with Prime.  This is what I sent to my friend who had triplets.  She said they were great, but not til her babies were a little bigger as they need some strength to get the milk through the nipple, but once they figured it out they loved them.  All the reviews I have read about this bottle have been positive!

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