Plink-Get Paid to Eat Out

I had never heard of Plink before until I was walking through the airport today and I swear I saw an ad for them. I looked it up when I got home and realized if I would have had this reward system this weekend I would already earned a $5 gift card! Needless to say, I just signed up.

Here is what you do:

I think I am going to like this program because I don’t have to remember to tell them anything, pull out a member card or do anything annoying like that.  I did have to enter my bank account information.  I have never done that anywhere before, but I have good faith in this company.  I did a little research :)

Want an idea of what kind of points you can earn?
You need 500 Plink Points to get a $5 gift card.  You can earn 70 points for purchase at Taco Bell that are over $5. This weekend I spent $25.42 at Taco Bell buying dinner for the kids. I am awesome, I know. I would have earned 150 points this weekend. Combine that with the Taco Bell I bought a couple times in the last month and I’d have a gift card! Taco Bell isn’t the only place, they have over $35,000 locations that give you cash back! It’s pretty awesome. I would sign up as you head into Christmas shopping season! Can’t hurt to get a little back, you’re spending it anyway! Get rewarded!

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