People Magazine – 2 Free Products at Dollar Tree- 4 Days to Go!

Only 4 days to go until Dollar Tree starts taking coupons!!!! I am super excited, and here is another sneak peek for you! My sister is going to be bummed she was so nice to give me this magazine to read on the plane ride home from NYC. In the August 6th People magazine (um, yes I am now just finally reading it… and I just found out Rihanna’s baby’s name is Blue Ivy. Blue Ivy? Is that a name or a description?) Anyway, on pages 14 and 94 I found two VERY awesome coupons that will make for some FREE things at the Dollar Tree.
OreIda fries at the Dollar Tree!
Coupon for a $1 off ANY Oreida product found on page 94… except it won’t work.. it’s off the grillers.  I was putting coupons together to teach a class and realized it.  Ugh.  Gotta read that fine print-or in this case, the bold print!

Page 14 had a coupon for a $1 off any L’Oreal cosmetic….
And Dollar Tree has L’Oreal eyeliner.

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  1. I don’t think that Oreida coupon will work on those … the coupon say “grillers”, the Oreida fries you showed are Easy Fries.

    • You’re totally right-It was super late when I clipped it, but I saw it this morning and went, “Oh nuts!” Don’t worry, I am updating the post :)

  2. I found quite a few things on my trip to Dollar Tree to scope out. Heres a few that I have coupons for and most are free….Lloreal, Maybelline, Colgate, Crest, Comet, Palmolive, Heafty, Post…..I have coupons for Keebler but I have to compare my coupon for it. I think they would be .45 if Im correct on the coupon.

    Im super excited and if I find more Ill let you know. :-)

    • Oh my gosh, of course! I didn’t see Keebler at mine but I’d love to let other readers know what area you foudn them at!!!

  3. up top you typed rihanna but its beyonce who named her baby blue ivy not rihanna…..she hasnt had kids yet lol……..and thanks for posting the deals i have 2 dollar trees in my area and i cant wait to use coupons there!

    • Ah I just let the cat out of the bag-I know nothing about pop culture! :) Oh well, at least Beyonce and Rihanna don’t read my blog :)

  4. You must be excited because you didn’t read that magazine very carefully. Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby is named Blue Ivy, Rihanna doesn’t have any children.

  5. Well my shopping trip was stressful and annoying. First my store was not stocked and ready for couponers. Empty shelfs? Seriously? Then when I went to check out I was their first customer with coupons. They took each item and compared it to the coupons to make sure it was right item. (Like I didn’t know what I was doing) They were quite rude! Hopefully the rest of the customers don’t experience this. I did find:
    Gain Fabric Sheets
    Kraft Sizzling Salad
    Preztel Bites
    Trident Gum
    Reach Floss
    From my experience doesn’t seem worth it for what I found. :(

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