Our Weekend Camping

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This last weekend we had the best time EVER camping at Garner State Park.  We thought we would have limited internet access, but it turns out we had NO internet access (with Verizon, ATT did), so I haven’t been blogging and am now trying to play catch up!   If you live in Texas and haven’t been to Garner, now is a great time to go and make those memories.  It’s a beautiful park right on the Frio river, where you can catch turtles, swim and get crazy on rope swings.  And if you are ^ that little boy, run around in a swim suit/diaper for 3 days straight.   DSC_1478 (Large)
We met up with my sister and brother’s families, so we had about 20 some people camping.   We all took turns cooking dinner and then each of us were in charge of our own lunches and breakfasts, although in the end I think we just ate my sister’s food.  She brought some really good stuff.  The first night we were there we got to take my little boy in for his first set of stitches.  He tripped and fell head first into the corner of the concrete picnic table.  The park has EMT’s at their front office, but we had to head 4o miles to Uvalde’s hospital so he could get 4 stitches.  It was probably worse for his parents than it was for him, but I’m glad that it wasn’t any worse!  The next day he hardly even knew they were there and was back to his normal self, tripping on things and trying to catch everything on fire.  If this is what 2 is like with a boy, I’m not sure I am ready for him to get older.DSC_1453 (Large)Every night the park hosts a dance from 8-11. It’s probably my absolute favorite part of the night-dancing with my sweetheart under the stars, watching all the kids dance with each other or shyly ask other kids to dance, and enjoying the hot Texas night.  We left the little kids at camp to do smores one night and went up with the older kids.  The little boy and girl are cousins are both 5-they spent the night dancing with each other and spinning on the floor. It couldn’t have been any cuter.

This video is from the very first time we went to Garner, but this last weekend looked the same, only I was wearing a red dress this time and we forgot how to do the cowboy cha-cha :)  But it basically gives you an idea of how much fun the dances are.  Get there early with your lawn chair so you can have a seat!

When we weren’t at camp eating or up dancing, we were all at the river swimming for hours on end.  It was so much fun.  I didn’t bring my camera down to the river, but picture a beautiful river with big trees, rope swings, and a boat load of happy people enjoying themselves.   So that was my weekend, camping with my family, missing the ones who couldn’t make it, wishing I was as organized as my sister :) And already wanting to go back.

Have you been to Garner??

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  1. looks like you all had the best time. (minus internet that might have been a blessing) reminds me that’s whats most meaningful in life. family, friends, laughter good health.

  2. haven’t been to garner but i am like your sister, i was raised on bringing “food” not just sandwiches to eat. we went on a softball trip once, i had packed fried chicken, potato salad, watermelon, etc. and got griped out by the other moms because their hubbies wanted to eat with us. lol. i did share the pound cake i made. love the pictures. hate to see the stitches thing but he will brag to someone one day how tough he is.lol. thanks for the info on this location, will definitely be looking it up.

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