Official Dollar Tree Coupon Policy from THEIR site

OK! PHew! Took some digging but guess what I found??? That’s right, the official Dollar Tree coupon policy. It doesn’t take effect until August 26th, but here it is!!!


That link will open in a new window, so you can check it out and not lose your spot here! You will have to scroll down to the bottom…. it’s waaaay down there. HOW EXCITING! ITS REALLY HAPPENING!

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  1. Kelly Garza says:

    Do you know how they will handle coupons that are more than the purchase price. Will they refuse the coupon or hopefully adjust down.

    • We’re not totally sure yet. My manager said they would adjust it down, meanin the item would be free. The policy says, you can’t redeem the coupon for “more than” the purchase price, meaning you can still redeem it, just not for more. I just posted a video on this-check out my right side bar! I will let you know how it goes on Sunday :)

  2. T Wessner says:

    I believe your store does NOT need to use coupons since the deals are already discounted to a dollar. The Dollar Tree has always surprised my grandchildren and me with “steals and deals” whenever we go together to buy our “stuff”. We enjoy the experience of your store and each others company very much.

  3. Mary DuFort says:

    Notifications on solar Halloween things at the center ave. store in bay city Michigan


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