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penny basket
This weekend I scored some pretty good deals, and I wanted to tell you my honest experience about how life really is sometimes when you are couponing.

People were talking everywhere about penny deals at Michaels.  Deals that were clearanced so low they were a penny!  I ran over to my store and guess what.  Nothing.  I went through the WHOLE store looking for things that might be a penny.  After having a cashier ring me up 20 different baskets (I warned her before hand .. ha) I found ONE that was a penny.  Totally worth it, but again, some people were getting 10 baskets and plates, $70 mirrors and more for just a penny. I found a single basket.

The next deal were my Hot Wheels at Dollar General.  People were saying they were finding them for $.14 … um. I went to 2 different stores.  Mine were $.41… regular priced. No glitch.

Then I went to Family Dollar as today was the last day for the TRESemme deal.  They were almost out of the shampoo, and all out of the clearanced items.  BUT I have been wanting to try dry shampoo for a while, so I scored 2 bottles for $3.65.  More than the $.50 price I could have got with better coupons but I got something I wanted.

The other deal was the Walgreens Revlon lipstick deal.  I was hoping to find some that was on clearance or less than $5 so they’d be under $1, but 2 Walgreens later and guess what. Neither had ANY lip stuff less than $7.99… so I paid $12.32 for 3 lip sticks instead of $4.

Over all, I saved more than 65% on all these shopping trips which is AWESOME, but it is frustrating when some people get them for so much less.  I just wanted to let you know how my trips went and to encourage you not to give up if you can’t find some deals that are out there!

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  1. This is EXACTLY what happens to me and how I feel. Its annoying but the most important thing is that I am saving in the end.

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