My Dollar General Trip – Toilet Paper Stock Up

Please excuse my dog.  He is OCD about his food dish-if it’s empty he will carry it around and relentlessly toss it at you until you fill it up.  Then he goes and takes a nap, happy that it’s full.  He is weird.

I have a lot of friends who say, “Oh, you coupon?  I just never see a coupon for anything I want or need.” In my head I’m thinking, “Really? You don’t use toilet paper? Tampons? Shampoo? Deodorant?” Makes you wanna think twice about hanging out with them if they don’t use any of that stuff :)  Anyway, this is one of those deals I like to show “non-couponers.” I realized we were down to our last 4 rolls yesterday, so I took advantage of Dollar General’s $5 off $25 coupon.

Here is what I bought:

4 Cottonelle Big 12 Rolls on Sale For $4.50
5 Angel Soft 4 Rolls on Sale For $1
1 Snuggle Dryer Sheets $1
1 Box of Band Aids $1 (thrown in at the last minute)
Final Price $25 + tax

I Used:
$5 off a $25 Purchase Coupon
$0.25 off ONE Angel Soft Bath Tissue (5 coupons)
$0.55 off ONE COTTONELLE Bathroom Tissue 9 pack  (4 coupons)
SAVE $0.50 on any ONE (1) Snuggle® Fabric Softener Liquid or Dryer Sheets (1 coupon)
Final Price $17.31 (including tax!)
Total Saved $8.95

That is roughly $.25 a roll… which is a GREAT price for toilet paper.  Now, had I been really planning this trip out and not going to the store at 9:30 at night I would have been able to save a little more money, but those are the coupons I had with me and what I was frantically printing off before I ran out the door.   I do have 3 laptops that I can print coupons from, so that helps a LOT.

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  1. Adorable dog. : ) I also was able to use my .25 off coupons for tp, and bought some drano to reach my $25 purchase.

  2. WICHITA WITCH says:




  3. Haven’t even read the actual words yet, I’m cracking up at the dog…adorable! :)

  4. not understanding your math on your coupons. It comes up to 3.95. Should have been 21.05… Did you have anymore coupons you used? I am curious. wanna go to dollar general and do the same as you. :)

  5. First I want to say thank you for your posting. It has been very helpful to me. Can you tell me the zip code you use for the .25 off angle soft tissue? I don’t see it not sure if it is already gone.
    Thank you.


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