Merry Christmas Banner

Last year I saw the cutest picture with a couple holding a “Merry Christmas” banner on Pinterest. I was in love. Of course, being me, I decided to make a banner the night before we went to take pictures.  And of course, didn’t bother to read any instructions or suggestions on how to make one.  I just threw one together and hoped for the best.  I think it looks cute, but if I could do it over, I would do things different.  I also wouldn’t have worn those boots, and I would have curled my hair….

To make my banner I just grabbed some 5×7 creme colored card stock I had leftover from a scrapbook, hand drew the letters on and then just started cutting them out.  As you can see, the letters look a little sad.  What I should have done was print the letters out.  It wouldn’t have been that hard.  But I was too lazy.  And in a hurry.  And probably on the phone, watching TV and listening to the radio.

I used scissors for the straight edges and a dollar store exacto knife for the tough places, and where I needed slits to thread the ribbon through the letters.  And that was pretty much it.  Very simple, even if it looked a little homemade.  After we took photos with it I hung it up in a window frame and it looked pretty adorable.  Since the banner is still in tact and looking just fine, i am not redoing it this year, but next year I probably will.  Overall the craft didn’t actually cost me anything since I had all the supplies at home, and it turned out cute for what it was!   If you are feeling adventurous I do have a few suggestions:

  • Print the letters or trace them from something!
  • Use scrapbook paper for a cute effect
  • Use card stock if possible so it’s a little more sturdy
  • Make sure you have an exacto knife or box cutter for the tricky letters
  • Don’t cut the slits the ribbon goes through too big or your letters will slide all over the place

If you have ever made one of these before, do you have any other suggestions?? 

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  1. The boots look cute!

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