Last Minute Halloween Craft – Trash Bag Ghosts

As usual I have procrastinate doing anything until the day of… but these are so quick I thought I’d share them with you! We are headed to a trunk or treat later and I can’t be the only car there that isn’t dressed somewhat cool. So I made a few ghosts and will call it good :) I made these last year and had them hanging in my tree out side. They were actually pretty cool looking. OK! Here we go:

Each ghost needs 2 plastic bags and some string.  I used white, but fishing line would be sturdier.
Ball one bag up and stick it inside the other one.  Then tie a long piece of string around the outside bag.  I use a long piece of string so that way I can use the same one to tie it to a tree or front porch.

I used the scissors to cut the handles and make the ends more fringey.  Done.  I made about 9 of these in less than 1 Netflix show :)  And they turned out pretty cute.

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  1. just a reader says:

    chunky brown looks smashing in his orange costume sweater

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