It’s Been a Day

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One of the hardest things you have to learn in life sometimes is that you can only do so much.

Yesterday my little boy was really sick, we took him to the doctor almost right away because we didn’t want to pay extra for a clinic that would be open on Thanksgiving.  Normally I give him about a day or two to see if he doesn’t get better.  They said they thought he had croup, there wasn’t much to do but let it run it’s course and they gave us a few things to watch out for (if this happens, do this… etc).

I spent the whole night last night holding a sick, crying little boy. I woke up today and he seemed SO much better, he was laughing and running and playing. I tried to post a few deals for y’all and started to cook dinner. Things were going good-I put him down for a nap and my husband and I were tag teaming the rest of dinner. It was still early, I was going to put the rolls in the oven, post more deals, take stuff out of the oven and we were going to eat at 3:30.  It seemed like things were working out.

Instead, my little boy woke up gasping for air, coughing, hacking and pretty much was almost blue in the face. It was horrible watching him struggle to breathe, just sickening. We called the doctor and she listened to him over the phone and then sent us a prescription that got filled about 7 minutes before the pharmacy closed.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon attending to a very sick child.  Not sure this was how Thanksgiving was supposed to play out (or my birthday either…. every 7 years it falls on Thanksgiving and today is the day!), but that’s life.

The icing on the cake was tonight when he was trying to move his little chair and fell head first into the fireplace.

I’m so sad and sorry that I missed posting so many dang good deals.  I try to share the ones I feel are the best or you would be interested in.  I am also sad that I missed getting some myself. But most importantly, I am just so grateful that my little boy seems to be doing a LOT better and that my husband has been home to help take care of everything and keep the house from catching on fire when I had to leave the stove and oven unattended to help a little boy.  I am also grateful for the chance to be reminded of what is most important in life.  Seeing my little boy so very sick made me realize the only thing in life that really matters is the ones you love.  Nothing was more important to me today than making sure he was alright.

I hope you don’t think I am complaining.  I’m not. It’s kinda an apology/explanation as to why I didn’t have everything posted today that I wanted. I wanted to remind you of all the sales at the Dollar Stores and all the insane deals online and in store but it’s a one man show here and I couldn’t do it all.

I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving and that you were with friends and family and loved ones all around!!!

Tomorrow is another day :) and I expect we are through the worse. I already have some deals coming your way so get ready!



All y’alls prayers must have worked.  Someone slept through the night, didn’t wake up coughing and struggling to breathe, has a band aid on his forehead and is almost as good as new.  I appreciate all the sweet comments!!!

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  1. we understand , family first, ALWAYS.. so sorry little guy is sick and hurt, what a hard/ nasty time for him, and you, we moms feel as bad as our kids do when we can’t help them. happy birthday, happy thanksgiving, and prayers for a speedy recover for little man. hang in there momma!!

  2. Sweet boy! I am so glad he seems better now and I will keep you all in my thoughts.

    Enjoy snuggling that sweet baby tonight (and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow!).

    No apologies at all! Our babies always come first. Always. <3

  3. Oh no, poor little man!! Happy birthday, I think we can forgive you this once for not posting all day on your birthday. ;)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday. My heart goes out to you and your family. I wish you better days to come.

  5. It’s been a Day…is right. Very sorry for your sick and now banged up little boy. The fireplace added insult to injury. Glad he is on the mend. Yep, your family is more important than a few good deals. Thanks for all your hard work to bring us deals. Happy Belated Birthday.

  6. cindy Litwiler says:

    Never apologize for being a Mom!! Family comes FIRST !! Always !!
    I appreciate everything you do.!
    Coupons and amazing deals come along every day, Family happens only once.
    I hope he is feeling better today and continues to feel better. ♥

  7. Your a great mom. Your son what a little trooper. You and your family have gone through so much in 24 hours. Happy belated birthday. may today be better. Keep us posted on your little guy.

  8. Sorry to hear about your son. Hope he makes a full recovery! Also happy late birthday. Holidays are all about family. God put you right where he wanted you. With family. No work is sometimes good. Prayers and love to your family. Happy holidays.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! Your little boy is so cute. I’m glad he’s feeling better.

  10. So glad to here he is doing better! Happy belated Birthday.

  11. Anna, hope your little one is getting better. Enjoy reading your posts and taking advantage of some of the deals – but that’s not what is important. I think you are a most remarkable young lady. If I’m not mistaken, I think you had posted that you are about to have another addition to your family very soon – a little girl. So I think anybody who subscribes to your email posts will certainly understand and forgive you if you are unable to post something. Happy Belated Birthday!! I know the best present you could have received is your son getting better.

    • Hey :)

      THank you so much. That comment just made my entire day and my computer might have even got a little misty… thankfully, he has gotten better. I was watching him sleep this afternoon for a nap and I just can’t get over how much I love him. He is my life! THank you:)

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