iPhone and iPad Accessories at Dollar Tree

There are a ton of asseccories you can grab at Dollar Tree. My store is larger and had a TON of stuff, all kind of random!  I found those plastic screen protectors that fit a variety of phones.  You can also grab these on Amazon for just under a dollar, but sometimes its nice to not have to wait for it to be shipped.

They had iPhone cases, too!  If you look close you can see that this case has a stand!  Perfect for when you are reading a recipe, listening to music or watching a video. For just a dollar!

They even had iPad cases at Dollar Tree.

I found recordable DVD’s and CD’s, mini tripods for cameras, night lights, camera cases, and lot of other little goodies like that.

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  1. Fandom Fones says:

    I can’t find these anymore! Do they still carry them?

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