How to Make a Binky Clip

My family is spread across 2 countries and 3 states, so for Christmas we picked a central location (as central as possible, anyway) and met up for the holidays. On the way, I lost my baby’s binky and binky clip at a little restaurant in Sterling City. Sad day. Anyway, we rigged one up with a few hair ties but honesty, it was pretty sad looking. I finally went online to order a new one and saw that it was going to cost $8 and take TWO WEEKS to get here! I was going crazy unti I noticed how simple binky clips really are. So I looked around my house…

And found everything I needed.

  • A glue gun
  • 2 hair ties
  • Some ribbon that wasn’t pink
  • And some mitten clips from the $1 bin at Target

I looped the ribbon through the hair tie, doubling it over so there was a cute design on both sides.  I used about 12 inches of ribbon total, but you could certainly use less.

Then I glued the ribbon to itself…. I then pulled it through the ring on the mitten clip, and then hot glued it that part in place.  And that was it.  Then you thread the binky on through the hair tie.  It took me about 2 minutes to make, and cost me less than a dollar for both clips.
This is my cute friend with my baby.  He likes her!  I was going to take away his binky when he turned 1, but I just haven’t done it yet. So my son is now 16 months old and still has a binky at naptime and at night. The homemade clips are just now starting to fall apart, but he loves them. He takes the ribbons and plays with them as he falls asleep, running them along his face and through his fingers. I have no desire to take that away from him. Not yet, anyway.

How old is too old for a binky, anyway?

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