Hot Dog Mummies – Your Craft of the Week

I thought showing up at a Halloween party in the same costume unplanned as someone else was pretty bad.  I thought mistaking the pregnant girl in the orange shirt to be dressed as a pumpkin when she wasn’t in a costume at all was pretty bad.    But how about showing up to the same party, bringing the same party food as someone else?  That’s not that bad.  Unless your friend is really cute and crafty and her food looks well, like it came out of a magazine, and your food looks like it was mauled by a rabid croissant.  That was me yesterday.  And guess which hot dog mummies are made by yours truly….

Our playgroup today had a Halloween party.  I volunteered to bring sprinkles (I know, right! No baking required) and these “croissant things” I had seen pinned sometime last year.  I figured they’d be super easy and cute to make.  A hot dog wrapped in pre made croissant dough.  Uh, done.  Even I can handle that.   I had every intention of making sure they were cute so my little man (or Dittle Man as I call him) wouldn’t be embarrassed at the tender age of 18 months by his uncrafty mom.

What I didn’t plan on was remembering I used my last roll of Pillsbury croissants earlier in the week (um, another Pinterest fail) after I had put the baby to bed and my husband was at the library studying late.  “No problem! I’ll get up early and get them!”  I thought to myself.  I got up early, but only because Dittle decided to wake up grumpy.  He was only happy if he had my 100% undivided attention. If not, he screamed like a banshee.  I finally had a chance to run to the store and grab the dough.  I was hoping he would take a nap while I made the mummies since he ws grumpy.   But he decided life would be better if he cried and clung to my leg because I wouldn’t let him play with my iPhone, steak knives or the light socket.

It’s evident how well that worked out for all of us by how amazing my hot dog mummies turned out.

We were also 30 minutes late to the party.  I also had to drag my kid in by one arm as he wanted to stop and eat rocks in the middle of the road.  Then, as if that wasn’t enough fun already, the screen door shut faster than I expected and caught the 2 plates of cupcakes and 2 plates of attempted hot dog mummies I was try to carry at once, sending them flying across the front step.

It was a good day.


Do you call them croissants or crescents??? Which word is it?!  Is it tomato or tomatoe?


Want to make your own hot dog mummies?  Here are a few coupons you can use!

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  1. Awwwww………… They were still cute!

    • Thank you Nick!That’s a good idea, I need to have some scratch dough reecpis in my repertoire :) After I made these and put them in the oven, I looked at the packaging for the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and in little writing I saw “imitation butter flavor” or something like that and I was immediately turned off. Making my own stuff is so much better

  2. Remake them at Christmas, they look like little baby Jesus! (Is that wrong of me?) I bet they still tasted good! And you’ll be surprised at how much easier things like that are when your kids get older…seriously!

    • We made these too! We used the Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough, but the pie crust is probably lower in fat & crioales. I’ll have to try that next time!

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