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I am on a roll this week with disasters!  In my defense this one actually happened a few weeks ago, and now that the initial embarrassment is over I can finally talk about it.  I am sure some of you have seen those Hocus Pocus rolls on Pinterest, also known as Resurrection Rolls or Disappearing Rolls.  They should have been easy to make and then You can see how mine turned out.  The only thing that made me feel slightly better about this was seeing that I wasn’t hte only one who had this happen… check out the other disasters on Pinstrosity!
They really were easy to make, despite my culinary skills.   You just need about 8 kids under the age of 10, cinnamon and sugar, and a package of crescent rolls.
Give each child a crescent roll and a marshmallow.  Help them roll the marshmallow in a bowl of melted butter.  Then roll the marshmallow in the cinnamon and sugar mix.
Now, this is the tricky part.  If we had left the roll like this, given it a little room to breathe, they would probably have turned out!  Instead I totally had the kids pinch the dough over the marshmallow, which cause the marshmallows to get very angry and explode Hulk style.   Whoops.  Well, now YOU know the secret and can make them safely :)




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  1. Question about the Target printable counpos. Once printed, are the ONLY ones that you can also use a Mfg coupon with the ones that either have a Target logo or state Target Web Coupon? It seems that there are quite a lot of Mfg counpos on their site and I wasn’t sure if I could also use a 2nd Mfg coupon when purchasing. Thanks!!

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