Have you tried HEB diapers?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of H-E-B Baby Diapers.
I love trying out different brands of diapers to see if I can find some for a price that doesn’t make me choke, but is still worth the money. We have 2 kids now so we have tried almost every diaper on the market, and by now I know what I am looking for in quality and value. My 4 month old is sleeping pretty good at night. And by sleeping at night I mean she is only half awake while eating and immediately goes back to sleep. Under no circumstance do I want to wake her up by changing a diaper. If it ain’t poopy-I ain’t changing it.
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So, I need something that will last about 10-12 hours. I’m happy to report to you that the HEB brand of baby diapers lasted 12 hours.  In fact, they are VERY, VERY comparable to another big name brand of diaper that is commonly given at baby showers, only much cheaper!  I will definitely pick up a couple more packages of diapers when I am in H-E-B next.

stage 3 diaper

Now for a more technical review: The HEB brand diapers fit well, they felt very soft both inside and outside, have a stretchy waist, and they’re not so squarish I feel like it’s making her legs stick out straight. HEB has recently redesigned their diapers, so now the inside is hypoallergenic and lined with natural botanicals, vitamin E, aloe, and they’re fragrance free.HEB Diaper AND they also have the little yellow line on the outside that goes green when the diaper is wet. When the baby is a little older, you know when they’re wet, but I especially LOVE that feature when they’re smaller and you cant actually decide if they did something or not. Honestly, these are a GREAT brand to choose for the quality and value.

If you want to check out their redesigned diaper, stop by your H-E-B and grab a pack, or visit them online HEB.com

Again, this is a sponsored post on behalf of H-E-B baby diapers, but those are my honest opinions about the diapers!
HEB diapers

Are you brand specific?? Would you give these guys a try?  Why or why not?  Comment below for a chance to win a $5 gift card to one of the Dollar Stores!  (Winner will be picked at random, must comment before May 7th at midnight CST)

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  1. Jessica says:

    I used to stick with Pampers brand for my 1st child but as we had more kids we moved lower in price and now I try whats on sale and for the most part I haven’t had any troubles . And I would try any store brand diapers once .

  2. Michelle C says:

    I’m like Jessica, Pampers it was for the 1st one but now it’s whatever is on sale. I do keep a pack of the name brand for sleeping. The store brands will work during the day when they can be changed all day but if they sleep through the night and there will not be any changing then I use a name brand so there are not accidents and bedding to wash.

  3. One of my kids had a sensitivity and we had to use Luvs, but the other one uses Target brand diapers without any issues.

  4. I don’t have an HEB here to try them. I have tried other store brands and every name brand as well. My 31 month old little boy is a Huggies baby. Mainly b/c he gets diaper rash from most other brands. But also Huggies stays dry for hours and means less changing throughout the day. And with couponing I get pretty good prices on Huggies.

  5. I have no children, but if I did I would at least give them a try. I have nothing against store brand products and have even liked some better than the name brands.

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