Have You Heard of the Carttiara? Get 15% off!

If you are a coupon binder couponer, you know what it’s like when you have to figure out where you are going to rest that coupon binder at. Most of time I throw it in the kid’s seat in front, sometimes I awkwardly hold it, and sometimes I drop it.  There’s now finally a way to keep things from being awkward!  It’s called the Carttiara.  It looks like a music stand for the cart, doesn’t it?  It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s heavy duty and will support even the chunkiest of binders… but it is still thin enough you can easily transport it.
Once your binder is resting on it, there is no more awkward turning pages and hitting the edge of the cart… the binder is nice and close so you don’t have to pull your glasses out to read what coupon you need…

And, you have lots of room underneath for your purse, fruits, bread… eggs. Things you don’t want squished.

You know you want need one!

To order your binder saving gadget, visit Carttiara.  To get 15% off your order… just use the code CARTIE at check out. 

If you aren’t a couponer, this would make a great gift for your friend/mom/sister that is!  Just throw it in the back of the closet until Christmas :)

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