First Kid and Second Kid – The Difference!

I had to laugh when Luv’s came out with their First Kid/Second Kid campaign.   I mentioned before I was pretty lucky to have 13 nieces and nephews born before I had my little man, so I felt like I knew what was coming.   But things sure change when it’s YOUR baby.  And now that I have a baby, I love listening to my friends who aren’t parents yet say things like,

“My child will NEVER do that!”

Because as parents we all know your child WILL do that :)  It’s just the way kids are.   As you grow as a parent you learn to react better to different situations.  Especially when strangers feel the need to butt in and make comments.  This has been on my mind this last couple weeks.  Last week at church I didn’t have my little boy with me and I was mistaken for a 15 year old.  Don’t get me wrong, I was totally flattered, but you can imagine the looks I have been getting when I am in public with all with my own baby and his 3 cousins I am watching.  I probably get asked by at least 3 people per store if they’re all mine and how old I am.  Some people are SUPER snotty about it, and you can tell the other people mean well.  I have been smiling and answering sweetly to all of them, but now I am just done. I totally understand now what people with a lot of kids go through!  It isn’t ANYONE’S business but my own if these kids are all mine or not!   One of these days I won’t be able to smile and will have a snarky comeback. Anyone have any suggestions? ;)

Anyway, Luv’s took the story of this Mom and how she handled a rude stranger and made it into a commercial.  It’s pretty funny, and the whole series had me giggling. If you have time and enjoy a good laugh, check them out!

Luv’s sent me some diapers as a thank you for sharing those videos! If I didn’t the video was funny, I wouldn’t have posted it :) All opinions are my own … including what I think of nosy strangers!

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  1. lol, that’s funny!

  2. Heather B says:

    I was totally that ‘first kid’ mom!! hahaha. I am still a little like that, even w/kid #2. Oh well.

    • LOL join the club :) Not the only one… at least you didn’t take your kid to the ER cause they cried for 3 hours…

  3. I have dealt with rude people for many years because I have two children with autism,sensory issues and one has a anxiety disorder.When they were younger it didn’t take much to induce a meltdown. Some people think they have the right to tell every mother how to raise their children and I could not count how many times I have been told I need to bust their butt’s and make them mind.After several years of this I started telling people that when I need a total strangers opinion, I will ask for it and in case they didn’t notice,I haven’t asked.I learned not to feel guilty about being rude myself to rude people.Maybe you should start telling them,yes they are mine and I have four more at home with their father,then watch the reaction and giggle for the rest of the day about it.

    • Ugh-so sorry you have to deal with that. That must be super frustrating! I think I will say that the next time I get someone rude-”OH these are just half of them! The others are with their Dad!” LOL

  4. @Mary Im laughing, stomping and clapping my hands. I have five EVERYDAY a complete stranger always asks, ” if i’m going to have more”? And my answer is always as soon as your next payment clear I’ll start on the next one. I don’t hear another peep out of them after that.

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