Famous Footwear Coupon

Hooray! I have a thing for shoes so any shoe coupon is welcome in this house.   At one point I had over 50 pairs of shoes!  I love shoes, but I just about die if I have to pay more than $12 for a pair.  With the exception of my running shoes, even then I’ve still never paid more than $42 for a $90 pair of shoes.  I am a bargain shopper :)  When we moved out to West Texas the closet was half the size of my old one.  A good friend came by and I was lamenting that I had a shoe problem and would probably have to get rid of some so they’d fit in the closet.  She put me on the right track, “You don’t have a shoe problem!  You have a closet problem!”

Who else is a shoe addict?  :)

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