Facebook- How to Get Stuff You Like Back in Your News Feed

I am not sure if you have noticed or heard about some of the changes Facebook has made, but they recently have made it very difficult for fans to see pages they have liked. You might have also noticed you keep seeing the same people over and over in your news feed. Since their stock has plummeted they have been trying to figure out how to “save” themselves, and one way is to make businesses pay for status updates.

I have about 1560 fans on Facebook, but hardly any of you are actually seeing my posts because of the changes Facebook has made.   I took a screen shot of the post I put up last night, 211 out of 1500 people saw that post.  That is pretty average for my posts-I was totally excited the day 354 of you saw one.

Even though Facebook claims to be free, they’re pretty much intentionally keeping y’all from seeing my posts unless I pay for each update.  If I paid to promote each post at the price of $20, I would be spending about $100 a day.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t even have that in the budget for 2 months.

This has been going on for a couple months.  I think Facebook is starting to realize that they are making people mad and are making Google+ look a lot better.  Yesterday a Facebook blog showed us a brand new option so that you can actually see my posts!  Here is how to do it.  When you “Like” a page, hover over the “Like” part until you see this drop down option.   Then check “Show in News Feed” or “Get Notifications.”

A new page will pop up and you will see the pages you have liked.  You can then start choosing the friends and pages you want to see in your news feed.    Please pick my page to be one of the ones you choose to “See!”

Facebook has been very frustrating lately to work with.  I feel that if you “like” my page then you want to see updates!  Hopefully this will help make that possible, and more than 200 out of 1500 will actually get to see what I am posting!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for “liking” me on Facebook!

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