Extreme Couponing – Is it Hoarding or is it Smart?

This morning I saw a friend post on Facebook that anyone in Lubbock needed to boil their tap water before drinking until further notice. Uh oh! That’s where I live…  So I looked online and found out what happened.  An equipment failure cause a major outage in the whole city, and as a precaution everyone is to boil water.  Pretty simple, not so bad.

My honey and I just grabbed another gallon from storage and threw it in the fridge. I ran to Dollar General to get a few things (posting that later) and life went on. When my honey ran to the grocery store to grab something specific for his dinner later, he sent me the above picture of the cleared water shelves with the message, “And this is why we store food and water!”

You can’t tell from the picture above, but our water store goes back a couple feet. We don’t have a TON of water, probably about 15 gallons, but we were definitely not at the grocery store in a panic today.

There are a million reasons to store food, water and other provisions. You could have a natural disaster, your tap water could get contaminated, you could lose your job, or in our situation, your husband could decide to go back to school.

Do you store food and water? Or do you think couponers are hoarders? :)

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  1. Oh I so agree with you! Stocking up is definitely smart. Hoarding has such a negative attached to it but call it what you will we are the ones who are prepared in an emergency. Also live in the Lubbock area (New Deal) where they too were told to boil water. We live on a farm outside of town and have well water. Always buy water for drinking anyway so it didn’t affect us. People can in the habit of keeping a few “necessities” stockpiled. You will rest easier in the long run! And an added bonus is you save $$$$ when you go into a situation prepared! :)

  2. having a couple of extra things r fine but when u go out to a store to use your coupons and its all gone and no more in stock it bums me out. i think ten or less is ok to have in stock but having over twenty of something and still getting more of it i think it just a wast and hording. i watch exstream coupong and there stock piles are huge and i think what if someone needs the stuff they took all and that person cant get it due to clearing the shelf i do think its pretty rude.

    • Amen. I have NEVER cleared a shelf in my life-we only take what we need or will use over time.

      • Same here, I have never cleared a shelf. If I need a couple more things and there aren’t many at one store, I’ll just head over to another location to see if they have any more so I don’t clear out a shelf. I even go through little dilemmas when there are two left of an item on the shelf and I need two. I usually end up taking just one cause I feel bad if someone else wants the deal as well, haha!!

  3. I COMPLETELY agree with everyone :) There are five of us in our family and two of our three kids are under the age of two. Yeah some of my family thinks I hoard and others (the older adults and ones with more than 2 kids) think it’s amazing. It’s basically love/hate when it comes to couponing I guess. Like Halena said, I pretty much have 10 of each item (except diapers of course cause my boys blow through those so quick, haha). We rarely spend money on any necessary item. The only money we spend is on meat and milk, but with overages from other products we buy or store coupons for $ off purchase we never really pay full retail. No offense to the Extreme Couponing show, but they really do put couponers in a bad light. I saw one where the woman’s stockpile took over her apartment to the point they couldn’t eat at the dinner table!!! Craziness!!! When anyone says to me “it’s a waste of time” or “it’s hoarding” I just tell them “How many 29 years olds (my hubbs and I are the same age) with three kids can say they are basically debt free (the only debt we have is our mortgage)? I know we can :) And that’s with my hubbs going back to school last year in january and not finishing until fall of next year. Couponing has been a blessing to us :) So if you haven’t guessed my answer is definately that its SMART, heehee!!

    • Love it!!! My husband went back to school, too! I was SO grateful that even when we were both working that we still couponed. When we had to move I whined about loading all the laundry soap and other items up, but man, I am so glad we have it now. We won’t have to buy laundry, dish or bath soap until he graduates! Ya’ll are SO wise to be out of debt at your age, couponing isn’t easy but well done!

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