Eight Kids and a Dog

I am not sure if you have figured it out or knew this already or if this is news to you… but my sister is Tiffany (over at MyLitter) and my brother in law is Paul (over at I Heart the Mart). They went out of town this weekend and last minute needed a babysitter.   It’s honestly hard for me to find a babysitter for my 4 tiny little sugar gliders when we go out of town, I can only imagine what it must be like to have to find a sitter last minute for 7 kids.   My sister was able to score a plane ticket on South West for a good price, and I was available so I flew down to watch the kids for them.  I like South West because they let you check 2 bags free AND it’s open seating on the airplanes.  First come, first serve!   I like to find a man dressed in a business suit who has a neck pillow.  You know he wants to spend 2 hours next to an unruly kid on a plane, not taking a boring nap!!!! I try to keep things interesting :) The only hitch was that I was getting early afternoon and they were leaving late morning.   We figured between the 15 year old and the 12 year babysitting the kids would make it for a few hours.  “Make it” is a very loose term around here-mostly it means the house doesn’t catch on fire (microwaves don’t count), and no one has more than a minor bruise and scrape.   I arrived to the house where I was greeted with hugs.  And then they locked me out.  Now, I don’t really have pictures of the events I am going to write about, and you can thank me for that later… but I just wanted to let you know why I’ve been missing a little this weekend.Sometime in the time between when my Paul and Tiffany left for their trip and the couple hours later when I got there the 2 year old had a blow out.  Which, according to eye witnesses caught her off guard… so she stuck her hand on her back to see what was so squishy.  She then decided that would be a good time to play the piano.   I somehow was lucky enough to miss this, but I did get lucky enough to clean out the bath tub she was bathed in.  Dittle and Panda got to be good friends.  Whatever she did, he did.  She sat on the floor and ate cereal, he sat on the floor and ate cereal.  She laid on the dog, he laid on the dog.  She looked away while they had ice cream, he stole some of hers.  It was good times.   Saturday was the rough day.  The 10 year old had a birthday party at 6, and the 15 year old had a dance at 7:30.  And they were cool with oatmeal for dinner.  Seems like it should have been pretty easy, right?  Unless someone hangs the invitation with the  to the party on the fridge in plain site and no one can find it for an hour so the 12 year old is super late.  …. apparently the fridge is an ideal place to put things like that, who knew?   I finally dropped the 10 year old off and went home to pick up the 15 year old.  I walked in just in time to see my Dittle man soaking wet and crying.  Apparently he thought it would be super fun to empty the 5 gallon water cooler onto the kitchen floor.  Turns out it’s only fun for the first 4 gallons.  I changed him into his pajamas and the 4 year old helped me clean up the water. My friend stopped by (right as I got home from dropping the 12 year old off) and she and the 2 babies came with me to take the 15 year old to the dance.  That was fortunate for the 15 year old that my friend came as when we got to there  it turned out it was a barn dance!  With hay rides!!!! So I made my friend and the 2 little ones go on a hay ride.  I tried to go into the actual dance hall but my friend wouldn’t let me.  She said it was “embarrassing” and “not cool.”    Pick up time was supposed to be easy, too.  The Halloween party got over at 10 and the dance got over at 10:30.  Not bad!! Got this! Go the first one then go to the other!!! … unless the Halloween party actually got over at 9pm and you forgot and became “that parent” who picks up a poor abandoned child at 10:20.  … I thought I was only 20 minutes late.  By the time I dropped her off at home and headed to the dance I was late picking the 15 year old up, too.  Nice!
Church on Sunday was from 8:30am to 11:30am.   We got there at 10:15.

Lunch was more cereal.

We went for a walk and took no less than 5 moving objects: a scooter, a stroller, a bike, a tractor, and a long board.   Only 4 of the 7 kids with me ended up crying at some point.

We made cupcakes and called it dinner.   Then I felt slightly guiltly so we had breakfast burritos.

For school Monday the kids did pretty good!  Everyone was on time!  Once they were gone that left me with just the 3 little ones.  I should have video taped them.   Watching them communicate is hilarious, they’re so sweet and easily amused and kept me busy!!! Every time I sat down to type up the ad match up I started on Friday night they would start throwng water on each other from the water cooler.  Or I could hear chairs being dragged through the kitchen and then the clinking of the candy jar.  Or someone shut their finger in the sliding door.  Or their monkey got stuck somewhere.  Or they tried to eat a banana through a peel.  Or they needed candy corn off the shelf.  It was constant harassment from their end.  Then Panda Bear (the 2 year old) thought she’d be funny and locked herself in her bedroom.  Turns out it is only funny if there is a big kid in to let you out.  She was pretty content (and so was I, she was finally leaving me alone), but the 4 year old sat outside the door and cried… “Poor Panda!  Poor Panda!  What if she gets hungry?! What if she never comes out… ”  So then I felt bad and went to go get her.  Well, here is a tip for you.  Depending on how the door locks depends on if you need a round tipped object (like a coat hanger) or a flat tipped one (like a teeny tiny long screw driver) to unlock the door.  Turns out it was the later.  Turns out they didn’t have a screw driver.   Turns out a food skewer cut with some scissors can halfway work.  It only took me 25 minutes, 3 trips to the garage, a pinterest session, a flashlight, and 2 super great helpers who were actually no help at all to get the kid out of the bedroom.  Turns out she was happily reading books the whole time, not starving to death.  The 4 year old was very relieved his best friend was safe.  It was  a sweet reunion.

The list of fun never stops with this many kids and a dog…. I had a friend stop by and Miller (the dog) was so happy to see her he leaped into her car to say hi.  Only right after he stepped in poop.  He then went from the drivers seat, to the back seat, then to the passenger seat before jumping back out.  In my attempt to grab him I stepped in the poo, too.  Barefoot.

And that was all before noon… and was only half of it.  I never got on the computer again til right now.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I love your pics of all your fun, interesting and crazy events. Always gives me a smile :) Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I LOVE hearing about your babysitting episodes!!! Tiffany should go out of town more often! J/K. What a fun weekend, you’re such a great aunt.

  3. ok ok now I don’t feel crazy! I thought you 2 looked alike! lol

    That’s awesome!

    • Ha ha!! That is funny. I just posted a picture of Tiffany holding my little boy and everyone though it was me wearing a wig!

  4. oh wow, thats so cool! I found you through myliter’s blog and now i visit yall both daily! funny story by the way!

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