Dollar Tree Haunted Village

My friend Tonia just made this the other day (check her blog out here) and I asked her if I could share it with y’all!  If I had anywhere to put this village in my house I would totally make one.  Maybe I still will…. who needs kitchen counter space anyway :) She found almost every thing she needed at the Dollar Tree, and her grand total was about $15 to make the entire village.  That is a great price considering they are going for $50-$100 at Party City and other craft stores.   To make this yourself you will need:

  • Christmas Village Houses/People/Trees from the Dollar Tree
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Newspaper
  • Tape/Play-Doh to cover areas you don’t want painted
  • If desired, orange, brown, glitter, and purple paints

I know it’s only October, but luckily Dollar Tree is already putting out their Christmas stuff, and that is what you need.  I checked last night and my store had these villages, too.  They have houses, trees, lamp posts and people. Tonia bought about $11 worth of village items, but you could definately do this for less if you wanted.   Tonia noticed at Micheal’s Craft Store they had the exact same trees for $6.99!!!
The next step is to lay them all out on a newspaper and spray paint everything black.  Since she had some left over purple paint she used a little of that on the trees for dimension.  You can also add glitter to the roofs or anywhere you wanted to add a little extra something.    Wal Mart has spray paint for about $1 a can, of course it’s been a while since I bought any so I could be wrong.  You could also use a 40% off coupon for either Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and see if you can’t get some nicer paint for less.  Tonia wanted to keep the faces of the people from being painted black so she put tape over them.  You could also cover their faces with Play-Doh and then take the Play-Doh off after you painted them.
The competed project is absolutely adorable.  You can leave the village plain black, but since Tonia also had some leftover orange paint she went ahead and outlined the windows.  I think the effect the orange has is worth it.  Makes it totally creepy.
You can see up close how neat and Halloweenish these look!!!  Tonia got a little carried away with the hand painting and painted this woman white to look like a ghost.  She also used brown and purple to highlight roofs and tree trunks.  Either way, plain black or  with the extra colors I love how it turned out.
Overall, Tonia only spent about $15 on the entire project.   She said it only took about 10 minutes to spray paint the whole village, but she spent about 2 hours doing the extra hand painting.  This craft could easily cost $10 or less and take only 20 minutes, depending on the size you wanted your village and how much time you were willing to invest in painting it.   EIther way, this is an adorable Halloween village and her kids LOVED it.

What do you think?!

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  1. Such a cool idea. You guys (Tiff, Tonia and you) are so dang creative!

  2. Brilliant! I saw the same thing on pinterest and did one, too…love the way you outlined the windows!!!


  3. I love this sooo much! Will be making one with my daughter this weekend. I think I have all the paints I will need, just have to get the houses and trees. We have talked about wanting a Halloween village for years, but as you said, they are very expensive. Now we can have a full village for very little investment. Keep the craft ideas coming. I love them.

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