Dollar Tree-Everything’s $1

The Dollar Tree is starting to put out weekly flyers so you can get an idea of what they have.  What I love about the Dollar Tree is that you can set a price point for something.  Cheap flip flops shouldn’t be more than $1, tissue paper, wrapping paper, pot holders, etc.   There are tons of great items at the Dollar Tree, and you know you will never pay more than a dollar for it!  With all the fun stuff they have right now, this would be a great time to plan an end of school luau! Here are some of their deals this week:

Party Snacks and Sodas: Bugles, TGI Friday’s Potato Skin Chips, Stars and Stripes brand sodas. You can plan an entire luau! Hula skirts, leis, straw hats, grass skirts, sunglasses and more! All for a dollar each! There are luau themed party supplies and tropical floral bushes. They also have 24ct Kool Pops and Wyler’s lemonade.

8pk Hawaiin Punch Singles to Go!
8oz Brim’s Popcorn
Party Mix
3oz of Veggie Stix
9oz Tortilla Chips
16oz Salsa
6pk lance crackers
5.25oz David Sunflower Seeds (right in time for baseball!)
2.25oz David Pumpkin Seeds
Party Stuff Galore:
4pk Partyware Plates, tumblers or bowls, 16ct colored plastic cups, 4pk paper plate holders, assorted straws or stirrers, 30ct foam plates or bowls, 10ct trays and a 17″ food tent!
Luau bubbles, and glow sticks and inflateables!

All sorts of drinkware
Foil Centerpieces
8″ Paper Lanterns
More Luau decor (door dringe, tiki guys, paper cutouts)
Plastic Planters (I bought wildflower seeds, the box said $3 but it was only $1)
6″ ceramic pots and assorted lawn decor
Garden tools
Ladies garden gloves
Multi Purpose Lighter!

7.5oz Renuzit air fresheners
1oz Arm & Hammer or Arrid XX deoderant
Ultra brite toothpaste
6pk Bottled Water
42oz Totally Awesome Laundry Detergent (um.. Barney from How I Met Your Mother would buy this!)
20oz Silkience Shampoo or Conditioner
Big Roll Paper Towels
6pk Yoo-Hoo drink mixes
16oz Ajax dishwashing liquid
8oz Sesame Stree Handsoap
8pk Super Duty Batteries (AAA or AA)
Theatre Candy (Ooooh sooooo good, they even had the cupcake bites!)
25oz Comet Cleanser
3pk Palmolive bar soap
70ct Snoopy Baby Wipes
6pk Animal crackers

Their hours may vary, but the ad says Mon-Sat 9am-9pm and Sun 10am-7pm

Remember-they don’t take coupons but they already have super low prices!

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