Dollar Tree Deals – Bar S Franks, Garnier and Hefty!

Y’all know by now that products will vary from store to store. My store has all of these products and I have ALL the coupons that match! I am super excited :) I am going shopping tomorrow!

Garnier Color Shield $1
$1.00 off GARNIER Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment
Final Price FREE

Hefty Slider Bags $1
SAVE $0.55 Off any ONE (1) package of Hefty® Slider Bags
Final Price $.45

Bar S Franks $1
$0.75/2 Bar-S Classic Jumbo or Bun Length Franks, exp. 12/10/12 (RP 10/07/12 R)
Final Price $.62 each

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  1. Meagan McElroy says:

    hey! I was shopping at the dollar tree and found air wick room sprays. I had a coupon for $2 off of 2 air wick products. The manager said she could not take the coupon because it was over $1. I was under the impression the company meant the coupon can not exceed the value of the product. Is this a new rule? and if not then how can I show her that they can take them?

    • The manager has the right to refuse any coupon they want, according to their policy. I would explain it to her this way.

      The Airwick is $1.
      The coupon is for 2 airwick products, to the coupon value for each product is $1. It is NOT exceeding $1 per product, AND
      By accepting this coupon, they can send it in to the manufacturer and get $2 back, plus $.08 for shipping and handling. Her sales WILL go up because that $2 she gets back is $$$ in her pocket. If her sales go up, she looks better! And they’re moving product!

      Good luck!

      • Ashlee P. says:

        I had a similar issue today. I went in with my $1 off coupon for maybeline NY eyeliner. It is a manufacturers coupon but has on the bottom redeemable at wal mart. The manager can refuse whatever she wants but I should be treated with respect. The cashier and manager were very rude. I left and may never go back. I do understand that some couponers are difficult to deal with but I had only one coupon. I had my children with me and tried to be a good role model. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with this?

        • Ashlee, I am so sorry! One time I went to Randall’s grocery store. In the back they had a clearance section where I found the Oral B powered toothbrushes on clearance down from $20 to $7! I had a $10 off coupon. I got to the register and the cashier freaked out on me. She was so nasty, condescending and rude. I was almost in tears. She treated me like I was filth and was trying to steal from the store. It was so bad she was actually yelling at me. I told her she’d better get her manager. He came over and was flabbergasted, absolutely STUNNED that she was STILL yelling at me in front of him. I am pretty sure he put her in her place after we left because she never even looked me in the eye again. I was so glad the manager took my side. I am guessing your manager as horrible as the cashier. Sometimes you have to look people like that in the eye and tell them straight out, “I do not deserve to be treated this way. You are treating me bad.” I would then call/email/write/Facebook corporate and their regional manager and give them the names of who was involved and date of the incident. If there is another Dollar Tree in the area you might try shopping there instead. I have the advantage of having 4 in my area I can shop at. I hope you have a better experience, if people treat complete strangers badly it is a reflection of how they were raised, not of you.

          • Meagan McElroy says:

            I did explain this to her and she did not want to listen. She just kept saying “we only take coupons that are $1 or less”.

          • Even if you pull out the coupon policy!? *sigh* I am so sorry!

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