Dollar Tree – Deal of the Week: Topsy Turvy

topsy turvyThis week’s featured deal and my local Dollar Tree was a Topsy Turvy!  I just google shopped for one to see if this was a good deal (I mean, I know it’s a good deal but I wanted to know HOW good), and they had them roughly 2 for $10.  This is a screaming deal.  If only I didn’t kill every plant I tried to grow!

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  1. Those do not work correctly. My father is a master gardener and his poor tomatoes grew beautifully and then rotted on the vine because of the upside down angle of the product….. yuck.

    • Really? I had a friend use one on her porch in Utah and she was able to grow them, but I wonder if that was because it is a much dryer climate. This is good to know!

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