Dollar Tree Coupon Policy 2012 Explained

I have been so lucky to have 3 Dollar Tree stores I regularly visit, none of which have given me a hard time for using coupons. I think some of them are fellow couponers and happy for me that I am saving money. That being said, I feel bad when I hear stories from readers that you aren’t able to use coupons! Many of you are reporting things like:

  • They won’t take internet printables, only coupons with “Something on the back.”
  • They will only take 1 coupon per person per day
  • They don’t take coupons at all
  • You can only use 1 coupon per transaction causing you to ring up 20 items separately
  • They don’t take $1 off coupons
  • They don’t take coupons that say $.50/2 because you can’t use 1 coupon on 2 items

The list goes on. It’s ridiculous. Dollar Tree has NOT changed their policy! It is still the same one they have had for just over 2 months now. What many of you are experiencing are ignorant and rogue cashiers who like to make up their own rules. They do NOT understand the wording of their coupon policy, and their managers do not understand how couponing works. Coupons do NOT hurt the store. They actual make their sales go up. I spoke with one manager who said in 1 month they had about $365 worth of coupons turned in. She mailed all those coupons in and got a nice, big fat check for $360. Some of her new cashiers accidentally accepted $5 worth of coupons that they weren’t supposed to. Despite that, her store made a profit of $360. Her sales for the month went up $360. That makes her as a manager look like she is doing something right.

Manufacturer coupons are put out by the creator of a product. They are doing it so you buy their stuff! If the store that takes the coupon follows policy and procedure, they get fully reimbursed for the value of the coupon, plus $.08 for their time. Because people are buying product, it’s not sitting on shelves collecting dust. It’s a win win for everyone involved. Your grocery bill drops, the store gets reimbursed, and you are buying the product the company makes.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do if your cashiers AND managers choose to not follow their own corporate policy. You can save your coupons and wait for another time and try a new cashier. If possible, you can try another store. I would definitely call corporate and every area manager I could get a hold of with the names of who was not following basic policy.  You can find this information for your area by using Google.

Here are some available resources:

Dollar Tree Coupon Policy 2012

Dollar Tree Contact Information

A video I made way too late at night a couple months ago explaining the Dollar Tree coupon policy line by line (they have since added that managers have the right to refuse any coupon and limit quantities):

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  1. I would also just like to add that I had a TON of issues with the coupon policies and rude managers here in San Antonio, but after many emails to corporate, phone calls to customer service, and posts on their Facebook page I now have no problems when I go into any Dollar Tree. I do however feel like they all give me the “evil eye” when I walk in lol But that’s ok, I still save money for my family and if any of the cashiers or managers question me, I pull out all of my emails from corporate and they quickly say, oh yes you are correct you CAN use those coupons. So my point is, don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself if you know you are correct lol Thanks for all the help with the coupon policy Anna!

  2. As a Dollar Tree employee( Indiana), I have to follow my manager’s instructions regarding coupon policies. I don’t always agree with her, being a fellow couponer myself. I’ve tried to explain to her that it is okay to take the $1/2 items Q’s. But, here is the problem, everyday we receive new coupon restriction guidelines from corporate. We have to follow them, otherwise the cashier is held responsible for the coupons she may accept. She will get wrote up and/or have to pay back the store for the coupons she accepted. My manager has the final say on whether a coupon can be accepted at my store. Also, corporate just sent us an email about not taking internet coupons that say Redeemable at Walmart. It doesn’t matter that this says manufacturer across the top, they will NOT accept it.
    I’m not trying to upset anyone, but as a couponer, I think it’s becoming alot harder to shop Dollar Tree w/coupons. So, just be nice to the cashiers, not all of them are bad, just following orders to keep their jobs. The best bet is to contact corporate, they are the only ones that can change the rules.

  3. Problems with coupons occasionally not being accepted by individual cashiers or even entire store branches happens at every place I’ve used them. I.m.o. it’s just how it is. The coupons that DO work more than make up for it. Sites like this make it possible for us to save a LOT of money regardless, and I thank you for your efforts. :)

  4. I feel so fortunate that out of the 7 stores within 35 miles of me I’ve only had problems with one. Luckily the largest store with the best selection is awesome – the manager even said that he loved they were not taking coupons, it’s just the same as money to him and has increased his sales dramatically! That said, I have found that if I am buying multiples of an item I group them together on the checkout line and put the coupons with them so they can compare the coupon to the item as they go. Makes for an easier checkout and the cashiers even thank me for doing it.

  5. You really are fortunate, there is only one store in my area and they don’t carry most of the name brand products mentioned in the deals here, I keep hoping though!

    • My Dollar Tree is the same…they do not carry hardly any name brands. It is discouraging when others get such good deals but I am happy to get the few deals I have gotten.

  6. I tried to use $1.50/2 hefty zip lock bags and the manager said I couldn’t because the coupon was over a dollar. I tried to explain to her that it was on 2 products, but she said because they are the Dollar Store the coupons over a $1.00 can not be used. I’m glad I checked the coupon policies.

  7. Janet McClelland says:

    I was pretty sure that I knew how to go about redeeming coupons in Dollar Tree – until last night. (12/08) I had half a cart filled with a lot of items that I had Internet Coupons for. On previous trips, I had been allowed to use 2 Internet coupons per transaction (one order) and then if I had other items that I had Internet coupons for I was allowed to do them in separate transactions. Well, not last night. At first when the cashier started to tell me that their coupon policy had just changed the day before, I thought she was going to tell me that I didn’t have to do separate transactions anymore, but that wasn’t the case. What she told me was that they are now NOT allowed to take more than 2 Internet coupons per HOUSEHOLD per day!! The mgr. (or assist. mgr.) came over and showed me the “new” coupon policy. I had to make choices and leave the other items behind. There seems to be absolutely no problem using as many coupons as I want as long as they are ones that I have cut out of coupon inserts. At first, the cashier wasn’t even sure which of the coupons I had handed her were Internet coupons. She had to ask her mgr. even though I had told her that the Internet coupons are the ones I printed at home. She did say that they were allowed to put things aside and hold for me to come back today and buy but I said “What good would that do if you’re still only going to allow me to use 2 Internet coupons?” I had Internet coupons to use on all of the items I left behind.

    • Hey Janet!

      According to Dollar Tree’s website the policy is the same. Their policy does give managers the right to limit quantities, so I am going to guess that was the managers decision, albeit a bad one. I am so very sorry about your experience. I have been calling and calling Dollar Tree’s corporate number and you can never get the same answer from anyone there twice. It’s very frustrating. I will keep looking into this and let you know what I find.

    • Hey!

      So I guess the policy has changed on Friday! I am looking into it!

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